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Discuss Minnesota-PSU Predictions at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Ok, as you all KNOW, I'm the most neutral guy on this website, and this ...
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    Default Re: Minnesota-PSU Predictions

    Ok, as you all KNOW, I'm the most neutral guy on this website, and this is the way I see it:
    125 Sanders MD 4-0
    133 Thorn D 7-0
    141 Dardanes D 10-0
    149 Tank 10-3
    157 Deitchler D 13-3
    and then the roof falls in.
    165 Taylor TF 13-8
    174 Ruth F 13-14
    184 Q D 13-17
    197 Yohn D16-17
    285 Nelson D 19-17
    and that's the way it is.
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    Women Re: Minnesota-PSU Predictions

    Here are my picks

    125 Sanders MD Megaludis 4-0 MN Sanders is slick and always in pretty good shape so I see several TD's coming in this 1.

    133 Thorn dec Reber 7-0 MN I don't know crap about Reber so I give this to Thorn.

    141 Dardanes dec Sherlock 10-0 MN Sherlock won't win this 1

    149 Molinaro dec Ness 10-3 MN I know there is alot of hype around Ness but Molinaro stays in good position and will win

    157 Alton dec Deitchler 10-6 MN Wow is Deitchler really going to wrestle? The cyber Champion will go down in defeat.

    165 Taylor TF Yohn 10-11 PSU Taylor kills Yohn. I wanted to give the fall but he will play around and get the TF

    174 Ruth MD Young 10-15 PSU I think Ruth will MD Young in this 1. Ruth is tough and will set the tone for the yr at 174.

    184 Steinhaus dec Wright 13-15 PSU I think Steinhaus gets the mentally weak Wright in this 1. Wright will struggle early

    197 Yohn dec McIntosh 16-15 PSU I think Yohn will more solid this yr and he starts with this match.

    285 Wade dec Nelson 16-18 PSU I think Wade wins this 1 in the final seconds. Wade can be tough when he is on.

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    Default Re: Minnesota-PSU Predictions

    There is no way Molinaro puts bonus on Ness unless he catches him in some kind of big move that he hasn't shown a propensity for. Molinaro just isn't that type of wrestler against high quality opposition.

    125: Sanders DEC Megaludis 3-0 Minny
    133: Thorn DEC Reber 6-0 Minny
    141: Dardanes DEC Sherlock 9-0 Minny
    149: Molinaro DEC Ness 9-3 Minny
    157: Diechtler DEC Alton 12-3 Minny
    165: Taylor TECH Yohn 12-8 Minny
    174: Ruth MDEC Young 12-12
    184: Wright DEC Steinhaus 15-12 PSU
    197: Yohn DEC McINtosh 15-15
    HWT: Nelson DEC Wade 18-15 Minny
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    Default Re: Minnesota-PSU Predictions

    Quote Originally Posted by buckvader View Post
    125 Sanders MD Megaludis 4-0 MN
    133 Thorn FALL Reber 10-0 MN
    141 Dardanes dec Sherlock 13-0 MN
    149 Ness dec Molinaro 16-0 MN
    157 Deitchler dec Alton 19-0 MN
    165 Taylor FALL Yohn 19-6 MN
    174 Ruth TF Young 19-10 MN
    184 Wright dec Steinhaus 19-13 M
    197 Yohn dec McIntosh 21-13 MN
    285 Nelson dec Wade 24-13 MN

    I see an 11 point win for the Gophers.....but Ness/Molinaro, Deitcher/Alton, & Nelson/Wade could easily go the other way. This match will be won by who ever shows up to wrestle that night!
    Your tech fall is only a 4 pointer? No back-points?
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    Default Re: Minnesota-PSU Predictions

    Still the same as I made in the other thread.

    125: Sanders dec
    133: Thorn dec
    141: Dardanes dec
    149: Molinaro dec
    157: Alton dec
    165: Taylor major
    174: Ruth major
    184: Wright dec
    197: Yohn dec
    285: Nelson dec

    17-15 Penn State, gap could conceivably open up by another point or two based off more bonus points from Taylor or Ruth.
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    Default Re: Minnesota-PSU Predictions

    Actually I'm going to run contrary to popular thought and say that Molinaro could very easily get bonus on Ness.

    I don't think its because he is that much better than Dylan, but Dylan wrestles a very wild style and often leaves himself open. I think a veteran and talented wrestler like Frank might be able to capitalize and snatch some backpoints.

    I'm probably sticking with Molinaro by decision, but I would not be shocked to see a competitive match end with a lopsided score in Molinaros favor.
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    Default Re: Minnesota-PSU Predictions

    125: Sanders DEC Megaludis 3-0 Minny I think Meg's motor keeps this one close
    133: Thorn MDEC Reber 7-0 Minny I was not impressed with Reber
    141: Dardanes DEC Sherlock 10-0 Minny I'm so close to picking Sherlock on this but can't quite pull the trigger
    149: Molinaro MDEC Ness 10-4 Minny Molinaro went to the Amuchestagui School of Leg Destruction and is finally getting points out of his ride
    157: Alton DEC Diechtler 10-7 Minny I'm giving Alton the home field advantage. I think Rec hall gets us one win, so I'll put it here.
    165: Taylor TF Yohn 12-10 PSU Taylor got a pin out of a tilt last week. If he can get that, he can get a pin against a better opponent using a pinning combination
    174: Ruth MDEC Young 16-10 PSU What Ed wants, Ed gets
    184: Wright PIN Steinhaus 22-10 PSU I really like Steinhaus, but I think Q will be on a mission, and his stuff is better than anyone's when he is on (Ask Gambrall)
    197: Yohn DEC McINtosh 22-13 I think there will be a good amount of points here (like 7-5), but i think MM loses and gets better because of it
    HWT: Nelson DEC Wade 22-16 Minny KR said Wade looked bigger, and I agree, but it didn't look like a good bigger. More like his freshman year than his sophomore year. I don't think he looked ready to go, and I think Nelson gets the visitor's upset here.

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    Default Re: Minnesota-PSU Predictions

    125 Sanders dec Megaludis 3-0 MN
    133 Thorn dec Reber 6-0 MN
    141 Sherlock dec Dardenes 6-3 MN
    149 Molinaro dec Ness 6-6
    157 Alton dec Deitchler 9-6 PSU
    165 Taylor TF Yohn 14-6 PSU
    174 Ruth dec Young 17-6 PSU
    184 Wright dec Steinhaus 20-6 PSU
    197 Yohn dec McIntosh 20-9 PSU
    285 Nelson dec Wade 20-12 PSU

    No way Megaludis gets majored.

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    Default Re: Minnesota-PSU Predictions

    125-Sanders- WBD 3-0
    133-Thorn ----WBD 6-0
    141-Sherlock- WBD 6-3
    149-Molinaro -WBD 6-6
    157-Alton -----WBD 6-9
    165-Taylor ----WBT 6-14
    174-Ruth------WBF 6-20
    184-Wright ---WBD 6-23
    197-Yohn------WBD 9-23
    285-Wade ----WBD 9-26

    WHAT ??
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