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Thread: Wrestling Superlatives

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    Default Wrestling Superlatives

    We've done this thread the last couple of years and its always something fun to do.

    Double Leg: Jordan Burroughs
    High Crotch: Mike Pucillo, Brent Metcalf
    Single: Jake Herbert
    Reshots: Jordan Burroughs
    Half: Jayson Ness
    Arm Bars: Lou Ruggirello, Nikko Triggas
    Cradle: Jake Herbert, Josh Patterson
    Crab Ride: Troy Nickerson
    Head hands Defense: Daniel Dennis, Steve Luke
    Stand Up: Phil Keddy
    Tilts: Gregor Gillespie, Jake Patacsil
    Duck Under: Zach Sanders
    Slide By: Jake Varner
    Gas Tank: Brent Metcalf, Colt Sponseller
    Best Freshmen: Zach Sanders, Dustin Kilgore, Andrew Howe
    Best Overall: Jake Herbert, Brent Metcalf
    Next Best: Jake Varner

    I'm kind of keeping it basic right now, but obviously feel free to contribute your own categories
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    Default Re: Wrestling Superlatives

    Funked if you do funked if you don't-J Jaggers/Jordan Leen
    Crazy Toss-Reese Humphrey
    What happened?-Dan Vallimont/J Jaggers
    Who?-Konrad Dudziak/Kyle Terry
    Mammoth-Kyle Massey/Jermail Porter/John Wise

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    Default Re: Wrestling Superlatives

    I'm pretty sure I know who has the best double-leg defense.
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    Default Re: Wrestling Superlatives

    Two on one /front headlock to kill time -Dennis -to score -Pucillo

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    Default Re: Wrestling Superlatives

    Relentless=Colt Sponseller

    Intense = Metcalf

    Mustache = Dennis/Borschel

    BFF=rick loera and Tom Brands

    Courage= Adam Frey
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    Default Re: Wrestling Superlatives

    Who is that homer?

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    Default Re: Wrestling Superlatives

    I forgot to put the relentless one in the gas tank category.

    I will say that I think a comparison between Dennis' and Borschel's mustaches would be an excellent topic of discussion for this thread.
    RIP Jacob Schlottke - 1984-2011

    "If Cornell finishes ahead of Iowa with five all americans I'll jump into the Des Moines River after finals." -Herkey#1 8/16/12

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    Default Re: Wrestling Superlatives

    King of Cardio: Brent Metcalf

    The Great Escape(ist): Phil Keddy

    Enforcer: Mike Thorn

    King of Funk: Jordan Leen

    Permanently "David": David Zabriskie

    The Biggest Little Man on the Planet: Joey Slaton

    Flip a Coin: 133 lb class, 141 lb. class, and 157 lb. class

    Those that fight and run away, live to win another weight: Jordan Burroughs, JP O'Connor, Dustin Schlatter

    Shrinking Violets: Iowa State Cyclones

    The Ambiguously Gay Duo: Paul Donahoe and Kenny Jordan

    I'll come up with more.
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    Default Re: Wrestling Superlatives

    Biggest Screwjob: Rosholt over Dudziak
    Best Backup: Joey Slaton
    Best Mixer: Bubba Jenkins, Tyler Nauman
    Best Mustache (Coach or Wrestler): Luke Eustice
    Worst Mustache: Dan Dennis
    Best non-D1 match: Mario Morgan vs. Tony Valek
    Best pre-handshake ritual: Aaron Norgren (MSU-Mankato)
    Quicker than he looks: Jordan Leen
    Slower than he looks: Jordan Burroughs
    Best True Freshman: Andrew Howe
    Best Redshirt Freshman: Zach Sanders
    Best Veteran: Gordon Bierschenk
    Best Throw (legal or otherwise): Humphrey vs. Ruggirello
    Worst Commentary: See Previous
    Biggest "Oh Crap" Moment: Tyler Nauman vs. Corey Jantzen
    Worst Wrestling-related road: U.S. 218 in Waterloo, Iowa
    Ugliest singlets: Lindenwood
    Coolest Wrestling Venue: Grace Hall at Lehigh
    Coolest non-D1 Venue: Si Melby Hall at Augsburg
    Biggest "WTF" Moment: Virginia Tech vs. Central Michigan

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