I had the honor and privledge of attending a coaches clinic at Edinboro University this weekend and hearing Dan Gable speak. I was absolutely blown away by this guy. I've been a coach for more years than I care to admit and have hung around many many coaches during that time and none of them even come close to this man's character. At one point, he had me ready to go wrestle the Russians. LOL. It's no wonder Iowa Wrestling was such ass kickers under his reign. wow.

Speaking with him and Tim Flynn, it really hits home just how badly our great sport needs an uplift. Coach Gable, Flynn and many coaches are throwing their hearts and souls into this sport to keep it alive. We all need to do our part and help these coaches and organizations succeed.

Our wrestling program was happy to support Edinboro this weekend and we hope that this event inspires as many people as it has inspired me. Thanks for letting me share...