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Thread: Hokie Open Results

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    Hokie Open notes: Based on what I saw there may not be a substantial drop off from Garnett to Mitch/Spjut.
    Garnett got thrown out after showing his butt to the ref when he called the D-Pin. Mitch has moments where he looks like he could really be special.

    At 141 Henderson lived up to his recruiting pedigree and had a really nice tournament. Beat Darrius Little pretty handily.

    At 149 Von Ohlen didn't look great in the match I saw. I think he's just good against bad wrestlers.

    Jesse Dong got progressively better each match, his tech fall over Nicholson was nothing short of shocking. Mock looked ill or something. He could not move his feet and his body language was horrible. The coaches were somewhat resigned to the fact that he was going to lose which was surprising.

    Yates looked good.

    Te Edwards looked big and strong against Luvsandorj
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    where the hell was Niebert ??
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    Niebert tweaked his knee. He'll be back soon.
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