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Thread: Wrestling Mount Rushmores

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    Default Wrestling Mount Rushmores

    Pick a "Mount Rushmore" of your favorite schools/teams, meaning which four faces would be carved onto a mountain to represent your team. These will vary according to your preferences, as obviously schools like Iowa and Okie State will be tough to pare down to four. Also, it's up to you if you want to include coaches, so in theory Gable could be on both Iowa and Iowa State's Rushmore

    For example from Lehigh I would pick: Mike Caruso, Mike Frick, Darryl Burley, and Troy Letters.

    Penn State- Kerry McCoy, Jeff Prescott, Andy Matter, Sunny Abe (in a few years Q. Wright, Taylor, and Ruth could all be serious candidates).

    UPenn- Dick DiBattista, Brandon Slay, Matt Valenti, Brett Matter

    Clarion- Wade Schalles, Kurt Angle, Don Rohn, Sheldon Thomas

    Edinboro- Bruce Baumgartner, Jarrod King, Josh Koschek, Gregor Gillespie

    Team USA- Dan Gable, John Smith, Cael Sanderson, Dave Schultz

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    Default Re: Wrestling Mount Rushmores


    Dan Gable (Coach)
    Tom Brands
    Lincoln McIlravy
    Brent Metcalf

    Now, I don't think Brent is the 3rd best wrestler in Iowa history, but I think if you're talking about "representing" the school and their style and reputation of wrestling, I think Metcalf belongs there.

    Guys I also considered:
    Ed Banach
    TJ Williams
    Joe Williams
    Mark Perry
    Mark Ironside
    Jesse Whitmer
    Jacob Schlottke---Gone too soon, and the world is a little less bright because of it. RIP, brother.

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    Default Re: Wrestling Mount Rushmores


    Cael Sanderson makes your team USA Mount Rushmore but a guy like Bruce Baumgartner is left off? Caels a great wrestler but his non collegiate resume is far less than that of Bruces. I could make the same case against Gable but his resume includes coaching team USA so I'd leave him on.

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    Default Re: Wrestling Mount Rushmores

    Theres no way to whittle it down to four for Iowa. I'd just have a huge bust of Gable with a whole slew of others a little smaller right below his. It would take a mountain the size of Everest.

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    Default Re: Wrestling Mount Rushmores

    I should have been more specific with the "Team USA," I didn't mean just freestyle icons as much as American wrestling icons. Taking into account Cael's college, freestyle, and coaching accomishments, he was an easy choice. I also considered Tom Brands for the Schultz spot because then all four guys would have been college, olympic, and coaches of champs, but felt like Schultz was deprived the opportunity to be an amazing coach. Also Dave Schultz seems to have more larger-than-life, Paul Bunyanesque legends about him than any other wrestler.

    Personally, my Iowa list would have included Randy Lewis, another guy with a bunch of "Ever hear of the time Lewis..." type of tales about him, from both on and off the mat. This is why I thought this list would be interesting, as everyone's opinion of who belongs on the list and why will differ.

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    Default Re: Wrestling Mount Rushmores

    It doesn't have to be just college teams either. For example my "Non-National Champ" Rushmore would be Jon Trenge, Bryan Snyder, Sam Hazewinkle, and Gerry Abas.

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    Default Re: Wrestling Mount Rushmores

    For me TEAM USA would
    Baumgartner (just slightly over Lewis)

    Chester Newton
    Rick Sanders
    Robin Reed
    Jess Lewis

    A lot of those guys are from a different wrestling era so a more current list would include
    Les Gutches
    Kenny Cox/Brian Watson
    Dale Thomas
    Larry Bielenberg
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    Default Re: Wrestling Mount Rushmores

    Oklahoma State

    John Smith/Pat Smith/Kenny Monday/Tom Erikson

    A lot of great wrestlers I left off. Kendall Cross, Yojiro Uetake, Cory Baze, Eric Guerreo, Zach Esposito, Mark Munoz, Lee Roy Smith....
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    Default Re: Wrestling Mount Rushmores

    I'll take a stab at tOSU.

    Tommy Rowlands, Kevin Randleman, J Jaggers and either Mike Pucillo or Lance Palmer. The last one is a toss up for me.

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