Wrastler 118 - on another board on which I refuse to post, and under your screen name on that board - you say

"I'm being told that if you want to purchase tickets, now is the time as the tickets are selling like crazy. A lot of clubs in OR are buying groups of tickets in 50-100 bunches at a time.

8900 would be the record for attendance at this event. I'd sure like to UO to be the one that breaks that record. Help show your support for the Save Oregon cause and watch some great wrestling in the process. Hope to see you all there."

You seem to be implying that the event is already a near sellout.

ARE YOU 100% SURE THAT THAT IS TRUE? If not, you are depressing ticket sales by posting that. What do you know for a fact? If you can't verify that ticket sales are already near 8,000 - please delete that post (on themat.com).