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Discuss Massa to Michigan at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Taylor Massa, #1 ranked recruit by Intermat, just verballed to University of Michigan. He is ...
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    Default Massa to Michigan

    Taylor Massa, #1 ranked recruit by Intermat, just verballed to University of Michigan. He is undefeated in his high school career (besides off-season tournaments).

    Great pickup for Michigan. Perhaps not the same caliber that McIntosh was last year, but certainly something to be happy about.
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    Default Re: Massa to Michigan

    Yea he lost last year to PA's Cody Weirchoch @ the Super 32 who is Class of 2013; TOM has him ranked as the top ranked Junior in the country @ 170.

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    Default Re: Massa to Michigan

    Ever since Bormet and Pritzlaff went to Michigan you had to figure this was coming.

    Great pick up for the Wolverines. He's a guy who can anchor that line up for 4 years.
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    Default Re: Massa to Michigan

    A friend of mine is from Michigan and he says that everybody in the state knew this was going to happen. Most of us were thinking somewhere a bit more prestigious. Michigan is gonna have a really good team in at least 2 years, like top 5 level.
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