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Thread: ISU tailgate

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    I only liked the game because of the result, but I was way more excited the week prior, when UNI only lost to ISU 20-19, in the last seconds.

    Granted, both schools are DI, but an impressive showing for UNI, as an FCS school.
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    The Iowa vs ISU game almost made me puke. What a pathetic showing by Iowas defense. On a bright note, we should see no such upset this year when the curtain is up in Ames for the Iowa dual

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    Another guy posted (Buf87) saying Taylor Massa was coming as well ..
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    That's me. Taylor is probably a long shot, but supposedly is going to look at Iowa State in the near future. I don't think we are getting our hopes to high, but great that the #1 recruits in the nation are looking. Hope we can land a couple of them.

    Kevin Beazley was at the Iowa State/UNI tailgate that the Cyclone wrestling club put on.

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