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    Anyone have any updates on his condition?

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    Did something happen to him?
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    Guillain-Barr is very debilitating. It can take 2-4 months before someone can even start walking normal and lifting something as simple as 20#. It will take several months and probably years before he gets back to full strength. Much less being a dynamic college athlete. Very weird disease. Can possibly be related to the vaccinations a person gets. Unless he had a very mild form he will not be competing for at least the next two years. Very much a wait and see how he responds therapy. I've only seen a very limited number of cases in physical therapy, but that is my experience.

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    I should note. That is what I heard was wrong with him, never really checked into if that was 100% accurate.

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    That is what i read as well-the kid was just coming in to his own too-hopefully he'll get healthy in a year or so-
    Frey from drexel had a similar experience-his was some skin funk or maybe a virus from the mat-he is back at drexel this year.
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