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Thread: Did Gable push Nichols into retirement?

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    To be a Devil's advocate...........How many teams did Wooden compete against compared to Gable.........many more schools had bB teams than wrestling team. You also have to include Doc Councilman of UI swimming fame as well.,
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    Default Re: Did Gable push Nichols into retirement?

    How many unofficial recruiting violations did Wooden have ?? The UCLA booster club pretty much assured wooden he would have any player he wanted.I read in Sports illustrated UCLA would've been given the death penalty today (with the current level of scrutiny)..
    GABLE took kids who weighed the same and were of similar pedigree and WILLED them to a NEW level..
    I believe a fairer assessment would be to compare GABLE to KNIGHT-never cheated and took less than top level kids and won with them. I was fortunate enough to have been allowed to learn from Coaches Knight ,Yeagley(soccer)and Councilman as well as Blubaugh !!
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    Default Re: Did Gable push Nichols into retirement?

    I was not familiar with Yeagley, though what he did seems impressive; however, there are a lot of great coaches. The line thrown out there is greatest ever. Councilman is an outstanding example as well, but I think Wooden eclipses all of them. His coaching strategy and team-building theories are read and quoted more than any other - across other sports and even outside of sport. That, plus the streak he put together in a highly popular and competitive sport, is why I put him at the top of the list. I'd probably put Gable a close second, and it will be interesting to revisit this as his legend and legacy grows. The number of highly successful coaches that learned under him boosts his status almost as much as his coaching record.

    TTLV, I don't agree that playing against more teams is a weakness. Usually greater numbers of participants/teams means higher level of play and harder competition. Looking at the list of NCAA team champions, Oklahoma A&M won 16 of the first 19 (and 19 of the first 26). Oklahoma State won 8 of 14 (plus 7 more later). Then Iowa took over, winning 20 in the next 26 years. This shows a lack of parity in wrestling. Basketball has seen ONE run like that. No other team has won more than 2 in a row.

    This could be a fun discussion, though to argue for the definitive winner I think is impossible. Comparing across sports is very difficult, and comparing across eras (including violations and regulations) is basically impossible.

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    I'll still pick Gable but there is no doubting John Wooden was excellence in coaching as well as in life. The guy was great.
    Doc Councilman and a few others are in this rarified atmosphere as well.
    I am prejudiced as I like Wrestling a lot more than basketball and will stick with it.

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    Dan Gable was 23 years old, his mind was wrapped up in preparing for his Olympic wrestling run, and Gary Kurdelmeier was on the phone demanding an answer.

    Do you want to coach at Iowa or not?

    UI assistant to the Athletic Director Dan Gable argues with Wisconsin head coach Barry Davis during following the second overtime of the 165 pound match, Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2009, at Carver-Hawkeye Arena, in Iowa City, Iowa.
    ?I go, ?Whoa, I really haven?t thought about this, when do you want to know??? Gable said. ?They said they?ve got to know by tonight.?
    Gable spent the next hour calling his parents and his friends.

    Unbeknownst to him, Kurdelmeier, Bump Elliott and Roy Carver had been talking to his family and friends for months after a lunch meeting in Ames when they first proposed the idea to the Iowa State graduate.

    ?They did a good job figuring me out,? Gable said. ?They knew I was busy and I didn?t want to spend a lot of time getting recruited. I was more interested in winning the Olympic games.

    ?So Iowa started working on my dad and my mom and my friends.?

    When Gable called all of them for advice that night, all of them told him the same thing: take it.

    ?I was set up,? Gable said. ?They knew where I would turn to.?

    Iowa State came back with an offer, but weren?t ?really on top of it.?

    ?They didn?t really realize what was going on either,? Gable said. ?Right away, Coach (Harold) Nichols tried to sway me when he found out, but it was already done.?

    Nichols, an Iowa State legend who won five national titles over 32 years as head coach, wasn?t going anywhere. At Iowa, Kurdelmeier took over for longtime coach Dave McCuskey in 1972, but never planned to stay in the job long.

    ?I could tell he wanted to be in administration,? Elliott said about Kurdelmeier. ?I ended up appointing him assistant A.D., and then appointed Dan Gable as head coach.?

    Kurdelmeier won two NCAA titles with Gable at his side, then became assistant athletic director under Elliot.

    Gable took over in 1976. Elliott hired Lute Olson two years before that. After two football coaches failed to get things turned around for Elliott, he finally turned to Hayden Fry in 1979.

    It was a intoxicating time to be a Hawkeye fan.

    ?As A.D., I was lucky to get the right guys,? Elliott said. ?And keep them, with Gable and Fry. Lute was the one that did leave. He wanted to go out west.

    ?You need real stability in the program. That?s important if you are going to succeed.?

    Gable coached 21 years. His record is known ? 15 NCAA titles and 21 Big Ten titles.

    ?He was an easy guy to work with,? Elliott said of Gable. ?He didn?t ask for much. All he did was coach that team and produce.?

    Gable did the I-club circuit with Olson and Fry.

    ?We all really respected each other a lot,? Gable said. ?We shared the same lockerroom with Lute for a few years and we?d sauna together.?

    Iowa State did come back and try to make another run at Gable, but he already had made the switch.

    ?They could?ve got me early on,? Gable said. ?I got entrenched, was moving up the ladder, getting a family. ? It?s different than being an athlete.?

    UI got in early recruiting Gable | Hawk Central

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    Default Re: Did Gable push Nichols into retirement?

    Just read some horrible news that Pat Summitt, who can be ranked up with any coach in any sport, has early on-set Alzheimer's.
    I don't think I have ever watched a complete women's basketball games, but her accomplishments and what I've read about her intensity and coaching has made me a fan of her.

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    Default Re: Did Gable push Nichols into retirement?

    I knew Dr.Nichols and Les Anderson for a long time. Coach Nichols was not part of a so called group that didn't pursue gable. That's crap.

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