I know its way too early but god I am hungry for some debate and for wrestling so here goes...

Minnesota v Iowa

125 Ness v Falck Dec Ness 3-0 Minnesota (Ness, although not by much, 7-4?)
133 Reiter v Slaton/Dennis M Dec Reiter 7-0 Minnesota (Reiter handily)
141 Rivera v Tsirtsis Dec Rivera 10-0 Minnesota (Manny's knee?)
149 Schlatter v Metcalf Dec Metcalf 10-3 Minnesota (call it a hunch)
157 Schlatter v Morningstar Dec Schlat 13-3 Minnesota (good match)
165 Perry v Glasser M Dec. Perry 13-7 Minnesota (good test for Glass
174 Dretsch v Beatty Dec. Dretsch 16-7 Minnesota (mat savvy Dretsch
184 Kish v Keaddy M Dec Kish 20-7 Minnesota (Kish takes no shit)
197 Eidensheink v Lofthouse Dec. Loft 20-10 Minnesota (???????)
Hwt Fields v Nord/Berhow M Dec Fields 20-14 Minnesota (Sr v Fr, well see)

I see this one as pretty close and before you Iowegians start giving me too much guff, remember I gave you the Metcalf/Schlatter match and the 197 match which I think are both toss-ups. I also threw in bonus points for Fields and Perry which probably could happen and even if both of those guys pin you still lose 20-18. I just really don't see the other matches going the other way although I expect ten hard fought battles on that mat.

Ness seems to have the mental edge in this match-up right now although Falck has seen him enough to know whats coming. That being said, Ness just has that "Coleman Scott" thing where he can shoot from across the mat and seem to get a leg at any time. His style is tough for Falck to match up with.

Reiter will decision or pin here, if you have to ask why I think that then you don't follow wrestling. (Rock a bye baby) Both Ness or Reiters match can end up this way, WIN or PIN.

Rivera v Tsirtsis will be a great test of how far Tsirtsis has come with some better competition in the wrestling room and a new attitude for its wrestlers. Rivera's injury from last year concerns me but then again, who was hotter than Rivera for the first half of the season last year. If we get the same Manny back, I think he still has the edge in this match-up. (Speedy Gonzalez).

Metcalf v Schlatter, another good test of Schlatter's comeback from what was described as a year long knee problem. I like Metcalf in this first match-up and I say that because I remember when DS started knocking off the Top 5 during his run as a freshman. Nobody knew him and his style took some by surprise.

I think C.P. is poised for a break-out year. In a pretty loaded weight I think he is definitely in the Top 5 and really able to knock off any guy at this weight at any time. His style lends alot of his matches to remain too close but I like the intangibles with C.P. this year and I think he has Morningstar's number.

Perry v Glasser-a great challenge for Glasser here to prove he belongs in the Top 15. While obviously out experienced by Perry, Glasser has the skills to stay in this match.

I still have hope for Dretsch but it will disappear quickly for me this year if he begins taking matches off. Look for J Rob to be quick to insert Sitch here or maybe even Kuhlman if Dretsch doesn't stay at a high level throughout. He has the experience nod over Beatty.

Kish v Keaddy-look for Kish to be on a mission here and look for J Rob to start asking Kish to get his team some bigger points this year than in the past. I gave Kish a m dec here but I feel it could be more.

197? No idea, I won't know until I have seen both of them wrestle some matches here this year. I just have to say, good riddance Yura, we hardly knew ya.

Heavyweight I am for sure giving to Iowa. I think the Iowa coaching staff thinks Fields can get it done this year and will work hard to convince him that he IS the guy to beat at Heavyweight. Look for him to have the upper hand here as he has the weight advantage and the mat experience. I think a talented Nord and Berhow will not allow themselves to be pinned unless they get thrown from their feet. I like Fields here for sure with some bonus points although Nord and Berhow are definitely up and comers. If we could only get one of them to make the cut to 197 (not gonna happen).