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Thread: University of Iowa Wrestling Line-up

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    if he can stay health he could make some noise this year otherwise borschel would also have a great season. Both kids are solid and should be a great addition to the hawkeyes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trusty View Post
    Jessman Smith in the room????
    yes, jessman, ironside, joe Johnston, and cliff moore were at the open practice Saturday working out with some of the guys.

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    Dual w Minnesota

    125 Ness v Falck Dec Ness 3-0 Minnesota (Ness barely)
    133 Reiter v Slaton/Dennis M Dec Reiter 7-0 Minnesota (Reiter handily)
    141 Rivera v Tsirtsis Dec Rivera 10-0 Minnesota (Manny's knee?)
    149 Schlatter v Metcalf Dec Metcalf 10-3 Minnesota (call it a hunch)
    157 Schlatter v Morningstar Dec Schlat 13-3 Minnesota (good match)
    165 Perry v Glasser M Dec. Perry 13-7 Minnesota (good test for Glass
    174 Dretsch v Beatty Dec. Dretsch 16-7 Minnesota (mat savvy Dretsch
    184 Kish v Keaddy M Dec Kish 20-7 Minnesota (Kish takes no shit)
    197 Eidensheink v Lofthouse Dec. Loft 20-10 Minnesota (???????)
    Hwt Fields v Nord/Berhow M Dec Fields 20-14 Minnesota (Sr v Fr, well see)

    I see this one as pretty close and before you Iowegians start giving me too much guff, remember I gave you the Metcalf/Schlatter match and the 197 match which I think are both toss-ups. I also threw in bonus points for Fields and Perry which probably could happen and even if both of those guys pin you still lose 20-18. I just really don't see the other matches going the other way although I expect ten hard fought battles on that mat.

    I think in 2009 Iowa is going to possibly own this match-up.
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