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Thread: RIP Jacob Schlottke

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    The wrestling community will miss Jacob very much, may God bless hime and his family in these tough times R.I.P wrestling brother.

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    Takedown Media - Powered By RevWrestling

    Jensen's interview is up on TDR
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    RIP Jacob Schlottke; KR1963 and rpayton

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    Jacob Schlottke: Dying With Dignity & Love

    From Jacob's father in law
    RIP Jacob Schlottke; KR1963 and rpayton

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    Wow. I'm stunned. I had no idea. This is awful news. However, I'm comforted by the thought that Schlottke is with God now, and and all his suffering is over. I only knew Jacob Schlottke through this website, but I will still miss him.

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    Awful news. As everyone else has said before, Schlottke seemed to be a kind-hearted guy and was one of the folks on here that wanted (and was able) to restore sanity when things got/get heated. It also seemed like he was eager to give out advice and tips to anyone who asked over on the high school forums -and on a very regular basis- which impressed me. It's hard to ever really know anyone through a chat-room relationship but he was one of the guys that you could tell was genuinely decent. He will be missed and my condolences to his family.

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    I was completely surprised to hear/read about this the other day. Jacob was a great person to work with over the past few years and the wrestling community will miss him greatly. I hope and pray that his time was spent with his loved ones and doing the things that he loved most. My prayers go out to his wife and family during this time.
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    I am very saddened to hear this news. R.I.P Jacob you will be missed by more people then anybody can imagine.
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    I haven't posted in a very long time but feel the need to express how deeply saddened I am to hear about this. I read the headlines on Friday and just couldn't believe it. Nathan & Jacob wrestled quite a bit growing up - I can still remember watching his match with Esposito in the NHSCA finals after Nathan had just finished wrestling Paulson. Gone far too soon. My thoughts & prayers are with his wife, family & friends.

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