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Thread: RIP Jacob Schlottke

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    Default Re: RIP Jacob Schlottke

    i don't come on this site very often, but read about his passing on themat. just wanted to say my thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family, and certainly to everyone else who knew him as well - and that seems to include a lot of you. sorry for your loss.

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    Im damn near speechless and almost in tears, I never met Schlottke but respected the man for what he did here on this site and the posting we all did on the MMA board. he was a cool cat.

    R.I.P Brother.
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    I didn't know Jacob but am always at a loss when someone so talented passes away at a young age. It's particularly shocking since most of us were unaware of his illness.

    My only memory of Jacob is watching him wrestle in 2002 at the NFSHSA in Cleveland. He was one of two dominant performers at the weight. Vinny DiGiovanni from Solon, Ohio was wrestling brilliantly until he met Jacob in the semis and got completely shut down. I watched the match and remember thinking about how incredibly talented Jacob was in comparison to most of the other wrestlers in the tourney.

    I had no idea of his talent with the internet or as a young entrepreneur. What a loss. What a shame.

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    I worked pretty closely with Jake last year on some web projects for some wrestling related stuff and we'd be up late on G chat just wrapping about life didn't talk a ton about wrestling, we talked about his cancer and he seemed optomistic it was gone. I didn't know things had gotten worse and its very troubling news. A wrestling family member left us WAAAAY too early.

    RIP man!
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    Default Re: RIP Jacob Schlottke

    Gdam-tragic news . Schlot was a great guy . Kinda in shock-My condolences to the family .R.I.P.
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    Real sad news. I did not know he was sick.
    When I first got to know him on this forum, I figured he was a computer nerd who did a little wrestling and was quite amazed when I learned about how much of a stud he was.

    RIP Jacob

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    I've just been thinking about him all day. Who knew you could be this affected by the death of a man I've never met in person. Jacob was a good man, and a good guy. We chatted fairly often, and we would bounce ideas off each other for this site and other future projects. He was a progressive guy, always looking for ways to make the site better, never complacent. He poke very fondly of his life and his work, and mainly, of this site. He will be sorely missed. I honestly still can't believe he's gone. I've been on the verge of tears more than once tonight. RIP Jacob. We lost you too soon, and the world is poorer for it. Many blessings to his family.
    Jacob Schlottke---Gone too soon, and the world is a little less bright because of it. RIP, brother.

    One, two, Evans is coming for you...

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    I was shocked when I heard the news via USA Wrestling tweet. So sad. I wish I could thank him for his contribution to the wrestling community.

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    I just can't figure out how to express how saddened I am by Jacob's passing. My condolences to the Schlottke family - he was a leader in a time when so many of us needed someone to step up and lead. To paraphrase someone else - he leaves a very large "Jacob shaped" void that won't be filled easily... nobody else quite like him, not really even close.

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