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Discuss Top Ten at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Originally Posted by Gold silvermedal : I would throw Mark Coleman on that list. Only ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gold View Post
    silvermedal: I would throw Mark Coleman on that list. Only had one year for the Bucks but was quite dominant (not that I was watching back then) in that year. Went on to win a world silvermedal in freestyle.
    Could it be you are currently corresponding with a humble Mark Coleman?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Herkey#1 View Post
    I could go for that since Goldman was before my time and I was going purely by stats on him. Ironside was crazy good. I would have to assume that Goldman was too though.
    Ok, you got me on the 5-8 with Ironside. I cant put him higher than 10 on my list I guess either. Here is how I would rank them Ronald.

    1. Lincoln Mac
    2. Tom Brands
    3. Ed Banach
    4. Jimmy Zalesky
    5. Barry Davis
    6. Joe Williams
    7. Brent Metcalf
    8. Mark Perry
    9. Terry Brands
    10. Mark Ironside
    10a. Ray Brinzer.

    This is all opinion of course, but thats how i would have it with my list. I have Lincoln Mac first based soley on the fact that he was just a phenom and wrested as a true freshman, so thats why I have him over Tom. And, I have Perry over Terry Brands because of the fact that he was a 4X AA. Had Terry wrestled 4 years in Nationals im sure that he would have been a 4 time AA, but we will never know that. And, of course Brinzer is on the list for obvious reasons.

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    I love it that you put Brinzer on your list! I have so many favorites and for many different reasons. He was definately one of them, but not because I liked to watch him wrestle as much as how unique of a person he is. Though he was an outstanding wrestler. I could not add him to my list however. He's got a little cowboy blood in him.

    Mocco is a guy that wouldve surely been on the list had he stayed at Iowa. I bet he's kicking himself now that I've made a top ten and he missed his chance to be on it.

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