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Thread: Where is Austin Enoch

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    Default Where is Austin Enoch

    Originally recruited by the gophers as a walkon, is not on the roster. Anyone know ?

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    honestly, i would like to think i am in the "know" about Gopher recruits but that name I was not aware of.

    The more I research this kid the more I think someone decent must have offered him a scholarship. He seems a tad too good to be "walking on" anywhere from the results I have seen doing a google search.

    On Wrestling USA's website, they show him as a 3x State Champ with one 2nd place. Also he is a cadet National Greco Champion at 140 lb. If he wants to walk on for the Gophers, we would love to have him. My guess is that a scholarship would open up for him after this year as we will be losing five senior starters and four other seniors after this year. There should be a scholarship available for him after his RS year.
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    He was also ranked top 10 last year by AWN. Maybe he decided he was worth some $$ and went elsewhere. Ill have to ask around.

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