"I remember many(including myself) thought Chris Phillips was the next huge thing and cant miss 4x champ possibly. Chris had a nice career but didn't turn into the prospect I thought he would. Lots of that has to do with Chris's interest level I think(something that is completely opposite of Chance) but it still serves as a reminder to give these kids time before writing their legacy."

Maybe so. But Chris Phillips has not wrestled a college match yet. I don't remember a whole lot of talk about him being a 4X NCAA champ. He lost as a SOPHOMORE to Ed Ruth, so some luster from his Ironman championship the previous year was dimmed. He didn't compete in freestyle, after early Fargo cadet success, further removing some luster.

But it is fact that he lost ONE high school match (the one to Ed Ruth) in that "nice" career. We might be underestimating Chris Phillips. Just about everyone is basing their projections on Chris' "interest level". Clearly he has multiple interests.

Maybe, just maybe, the jury should be considered out on just how interested he is in becoming an NCAA All-American, or even an NCAA D1 champion!