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Thread: Askren vs. Askren

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    Ben didn't have that Burroughs like double leg(since apparently the only reason that people think he's more athletic than Askren is because of skin color..which I find ridiculous since Burroughs is one of the most athletic wrestlers I've ever seen).
    No, you're kind of reversing what I said. I think Burroughs probably is more athletic than Askren, but not because of the color of his skin, he just seems to be more athletic to me. My point is that white people are rarely referred to as great athletes, but black people commonly are. Darrion Caldwell, Jordan Burroughs, Bubba, etc are always described as "athletic". I think McD, Oliver, Askren, Poeta, Humphries, etc are very athletic, and if they were black they'd be seen as more athletic. I think it's a subconscious thing, I don't believe most people are even aware of it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ranger84 View Post
    I wasn't trying to insult Ben at all. I have more respect for wrestlers who win the way Ben did. That's a staple of our sport. Hard work, aggressiveness, creating his own style. I guess I always thought Ben won more as a result of that than his pure athletic ability. I've seen him wrestle for about 15 years, so I'm not basing it off this one match either.
    I know you weren't trying to insult Ben, by the way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ranger84 View Post
    Maybe I do mean better at other sports
    Obviously you haven't heard of Ben's prowess in frisbee golf!

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    Now if only we could get a video of the Saitiev brothers wrestling each other...

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