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Thread: D1CW Class of 2012 Top 100 Released

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    I laugh whenever I see Freddie Rodriguez. One of the guys from Team Kentucky wrestled him at Fargo and got murdered on the first day, him and his friend spent the rest of the tournament running and grabbing everybody whenever Freddie would wrestle. I could see him as a 2x AA
    "I looked up at the scoreboard and I was like, I can't do math that fast!" - Ed Ruth

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    Quote Originally Posted by FalconWrestlingKY View Post
    I only say that cause when it comes to getting brothers, Iowa is the best. The Perry's being the exception that proves the rule. Besides the fact Tom Brands is hands down the best recruiter in the nation.
    I might argue that IOWA is the best recruiter...or at least that would be one of TB's top selling points.

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