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Discuss Hawkeyes held open practice Saturday. at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Practice was held at 8 am Saturday morning before the debacle that followed at Kinnick ...
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    Default Hawkeyes held open practice Saturday.

    Practice was held at 8 am Saturday morning before the debacle that followed at Kinnick Stadium.

    I was not there. and the following information was stolen from the

    The team looked real good today in practice. Gable said that they had a really hard workout yesterday so today was a little more tame but they were still working hard. Neither Slaton or Dan Leclere were there as I heard they had class. Borschel and Beatty didn't wrestle but they lifted weights with Faust. They did say that Beatty wrestled yesterday though. Also good to see a lot of alumni in the room today. Eric Luedke, Luke Eustice, Joe Johnston, Jessman Smith, and Mark Ironside all wrestled a lot. The Uker boys, Randy Lewis, and some others were around as well.

    Falck wrestled a lot with Montell Marion which was a lot of fun. Marion has a world of talent but still has some work to do before he's ready to make noise at this level. Charlie looked good today. I also watched JJ Krutsinger wrestled Eustice a lot and I came away impressed. He took his fair share of lumps but he kept fighting and hit some nice moves.

    Dennis wrestled Ironside most of practice so it was hard to judge. Ironside obviously dominated but Dennis kept fighting like he always does. Slaton wasn't there and I already gave scoop on Marion. I did see Tyler Halverson but didn't get much chance to watch him.

    Leclere wasn't in the room and I didn't get much of a look at Tsirtsis. The little I did watch him he looked solid.

    Metcalf is still Metcalf. He looked really good and worked hard in all positions. He wrestled Ballweg a lot and I thought that Ballweg looked really good as well. He works really hard and could make a big impact in the lineup somewhere down the road. Nick Leclere wrestled Aaron Jansen most of practice but they were kind of out of sight and I didn't get to watch much of it.

    I started watching Morningstar early and he looked really good. For some reason I must not have watched him much as practice went on but he did look strong from what I saw.

    Perry wrestled Rick Leora all practice and pretty much dominated. Brands worked a little with him on some finishes and he seemed to be more focused on the fine tuning than the hard goes. Kerr wrestled Stew Gilmor and from what I caught he got the best of him. He was across the room but he looked big.

    Like I said neither Beatty or Borschel wrestled live so not much to report at 174.

    Keddy looked really good to me. He wrestled Luedke most of the day and just got after it. He has a big motor and seems to be improving. Saw Vinnie Wagner but didn't get much chance to watch him.

    197 could be interesting but I came away more confident that we can find somebody than when I went in. Lofthouse looked alright but he didn't look very big, he still needs to bulk up if he wants to go here. However, I didn't think that Erekson looked like he had gotten that much bigger. He wrestled live with Fields and looked fairly good. He was getting his shoulder worked on a little before practice. Then there was a nice little battle going on with some interesting prospects. Jordan Johnson, Brodie Ambrose, and Derrick Mehman rotated on each other all morning. Johnson looked very lean to me and I'm not so sure that he couldn't make 197 if he needed to. Ambrose could be good after a year or two but will more likely go 184. To me the surprise of the practice was Mehman. I found myself watching him a lot and was very impressed with what I saw. He still needs some work but he is a big kid with a lot of potential!

    I really liked the way Fields wrestled today and he looks to be healthy and ready to go. If he can keep his head straight and get a mean streak he could have a good senior year. I watched Blake Rasing a lot as he battled Jessman Smith through practice. Jessman controlled him but that is to be expected. I personally see a ton of potential in Rasing and think he will be a very good HWT for the hawks down the road.

    Well, I've babbled on long enough!! Just my 2 cents worth for now and I'm sure that I forgot some stuff. One other note, Mark Ballweg was there sitting with Nate Moore, Gambrall, and Blanton and said that his final 3 schools are Iowa, UNI, and UT-Chatanooga. Hopefully the hawks can land him.

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    Default Re: Hawkeyes held open practice Saturday.

    Sounds like 10 national champions for Iowa this year!
    I will smash your face into a car windshield and then take your mother, Dorothy Mantooth, out to a nice seafood dinner and never call her again!

    Tell me about it, this morning, I woke up and I shit a squirrel, but what I can't get is the damn thing is still alive. So now, I've got a shit covered squirrel running around my office and I don't know what to name it.

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    Default Re: Hawkeyes held open practice Saturday.

    That's always been the goal.

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