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Thread: Wrestling Inks Three To National Letters For 2011-12 Season

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    Snackem-Would you take a shot at Oregon States lineup next year? I'd be interested to see.
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    Default Re: Wrestling Inks Three To National Letters For 2011-12 Season

    My best guess
    125 Jason Lara/Jacob Lauderdale (Lara has a RS to use)
    133 Garrett Drucker
    141 Mangrum/Drucker
    149 Sakaguchi
    157 Pena
    165 John Tuck/Alex Elder
    174 Zac Cardwell/Brian Engdhal
    184 Taylor Meeks
    197 Fortune/Hanke who should RS
    285 Jack/Swartzlander

    125 Jason Lara (Jacob Lauderdale MAYBE): though he has not used a RS yet and Jacob Lauderdale (3X WA state champ from Lakeside WA) could possibly fill that spot and probably do so nicely. In the end though I see this weight class as being Lara?s to lose.

    133 Garrett Drucker: I hope that he doens?t have an issue making this weight again next year. Losiing Kubec on the team as a practice partner really hurt Drucker at the end of the season I think. I don?t know who else would fill in this spot other than Drucker. Roberts is listed on the lineup this year at 133. I?m not sure if he is RSing this year, next year or really anyting about him.

    141 Mike Mangrum: Only one person on the team that could or would take this spot from Mangrum who had a dissapointing R12 finish this year and that is the guy above him. I think that Mangrum comes back this year and makes the podium at 141. He was a 4X Washington state finalist and a 3 time champ. He?s also one of the most athletic and potentially dangerous wrestlers in the Pac 10.

    149 Scott Sakaguchi: This is where things begin to get interesting for me. I THINK that Sakaguchi continues to man this weight for another year and that Pena bumps up to 157.

    157 RJ Pena/Alex Elder: Again I?m guessing that Pena takes this spot from Elder who may or may not RS. Also to throw in the mix would be John Tuck from La Grande though I think that Tuck will most likely be up at 165.

    165 John Tuck/Alex Elder: Guessing that Tuck will fill this spot, maybe Elder moves up, maybe Engdhal or Weishoff move down. No idea but here is my best guess at the totem pole
    Elder (who I think takes a RS or he would be number 2)

    174 Brian Engdhal/Zac Cardwell: Don?t know a lot about Engdhal other than what his bio lists, I do know that losing Covington will definitely hurt us next year. I hope that someone steps up. Weishoff will be a good workout partner for him as will Meeks (who?s at 184). I could potentially see Cody Weishoff taking this spot from him. If Cardwell doesn't RS and isn't too big now to make this weight then he would be a good addition to OSU here. I could potentially see Cardwell in here for one year then taking a RS year next year.

    184 Taylor Meeks/Taylor Johnson/Zac Cardwell: I think that Meeks gets the spot here over Johnson. Meeks I think is going to be one of the brighter spots for the Beavers this season. He was a 4 time placer (3, 1, 1, 1) for Orting and was really untouched his last two seasons and a 3 time Tri State Finalist. I would LOVE to see Meeks go down to 174. He wrestled 189 his senior year and I know he was well under that weight the entire time. I have no idea however if he?s beefed up and filled out enough to wrestle his style (fairly physical) at this weight in college as well. I see Cardwell taking a RS to adjust to college wrestling and fill out enough to wrestle up here.

    197 Chad Hanke: Returning starter who lost a real head scracher to Hall in the first round and then was knocked out Yohn who would go on to place 7th. I still can?t get over his first round loss. He was in control, took a good shot, they go to the mat and Hanke seems to completely quit and gets stuck. I hope he doesn?t forget what that feels like as I think that he has potential to AA this year. I'm actually hoping that Hanke takes a Oly RS--in my opinion he's stupid not to take it, train at the NWRTC and then come back next year with another year of wrestling under his belt--and Fortune fills in this spot if he can make the cut.

    285 Clayton Jack/George Swartzlander/Tyrell Fortune: I?ve heard a lot about Fortune, and if what I?ve heard is true I think he could take this spot from Jack. Jack also has a RS year to burn which Fortune does not. Either way having both of those guys in the room will be incredible. I think that this weight will be the most interesting to watch develop next year. Now add Swartzlander to the mix, he'll need a year to get acclimated to D1 wrestling, though he's got some decent HS credentials. He placed (3rd?) at Reno, won the Reser's TOC in a dominating fashion, was not touched all year in the state of OR, and capped off his Sr year with his third state title.
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    Default Re: Wrestling Inks Three To National Letters For 2011-12 Season

    Nice write up. Thanks.
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