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Thread: Rob Koll Summer Update

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    Cornell's certainly not lacking in talent this coming year. They have enough top guns and others with potential to make a run at it this coming year. They will need to have some of their young talents really break out come NCAA's. I really like what Rob Koll has done there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueBloodLion View Post
    He also takes a nice shot at UNCG...

    Saying Cornell is heading back to the Southern Scuffle now in Tennessee, "I love that tournament. I'm glad it's continued, equally glad it's not at Greensboro since they dropped the program."

    G'boro getting no love and no sympathy.
    Well, I wouldn't think he would be congratulating them. They drop their program, so for them to have the nerve to host it again (which they wanted to do until SS decided to move to Tennessee) would be outrageous. I live in Gboro, and I hate what UNCG did for many reasons - if I was a college coach, I sure wouldn't take my team to Greensboro for the Scuffle after UNCG drops their program.

    Anyways, Dake should be tough at 57 next year - I knew he wouldn't be 49, the only debates in my head were if he would take an Oly RS and try 165 or do 157 this year. Always fun to watch him. When he mentioned Villalonga and Nevinger, I was a bit confused as to if he meant one would be 141 and one would be 149, or if both would be fighting for the starting spot. I don't believe Shanaman was mentioned in there, was he?
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