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Thread: Tyler Caldwell Redshirting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gold View Post
    Honestly I don't think it would matter. Burroughs is the only one of those four I see beating him in folkstyle, and he graduated. With an offseason to grow into 165, beating Burroughs wouldn't be out of the question either.

    In my opinion, the best three wrestlers in the country last year were 1) Burroughs, 2) Taylor, 3) Oliver.
    Taylor wasn't even the best guy at his weight class. Let's be real.
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    Default Re: Tyler Caldwell Redshirting

    Quote Originally Posted by kr1963 View Post
    So your Hodge vote would have gone to him if he beat Bubba?
    No I still would have given it to Burroughs. Burroughs was utterly dominant, had a dominant win over one of the best wrestlers in the country (Howe), and finished his second undefeated season. When all other things are equal (which they pretty much would have been if Taylor had won his last match), I say give it to the senior finishing up his second undefeated season.

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