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    The Coaching Carousel
    ? Thread Started on May 6, 2011, 3:56pm ?
    So we can keep track of all of the coaching changes that happen this spring/summer....

    Army-Terry Madden (Assistant Coach)
    Army-Dan Mitcheff (Assistant Coach)
    Army-Kyle Ruschell (Assistant Coach)
    American-Teague Moore (Head Coach)
    Drexel-Matt Azevedo (Head Coach)
    Hofstra-Rob Anspach (Head Coach)
    Hofstra-Dan Vallimont (Assistant Coach)
    Illinois-Mark Perry (Associate Head Coach)
    Michigan-Sean Bormet (Assistant Coach)
    Navy-Mike Letts (Assistant Coach)
    Northern Illinois-Ryan Ludwig (Head Coach)
    Oklahoma-Mark Cody (Head Coach)
    Ohio State-Ross Thatcher (Volunteer Assistant)

    Thanks to Earl at D1
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    Cal Poly, Clarion, George Mason, North Dakota State, and Sacred Heart all are in need of head coaches, FYI.

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