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Thread: Pritzlaff to ISU?

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    Default Pritzlaff to ISU?

    ISU Athletics Communications

    Iowa State assistant wrestling coach and former two-time NCAA 190-pound champion Eric Voelker is resigning to pursue a call to the ministry. Voelker, a three-time NCAA All-American as a Cyclone from 1987-89, had joined the staff of Iowa State head coach Kevin Jackson last fall.

    "Eric has been a valuable asset to our wrestling program," Jackson said. "He is respected by our wrestlers, alumni and prep coaches in Iowa and across the country. He is a great leader, which will serve him well in the ministry."

    Voelker will be joining the staff of his church, Lutheran Church of Hope in West Des Moines.

    "This past year has given me cause to refocus," Voelker said. "For many years I have been moving been toward full-time ministry and believe that now is the time to go 'all in,' to use our Cyclone language."

    Voelker had high praise for Jackson.

    "Kevin is a great leader and working with him and the Iowa State wrestling program has been a special time in my life," Voelker said. "The Iowa State wrestling program has a top-notch staff, a very supportive athletics department and a committed booster community. I am confident great achievements lie ahead."

    Jackson knows that Voelker will continue to be a part of the Cyclone wrestling family.

    "More than anything, Eric made an impact on our wrestlers by example," Jackson said. "They see him as an individual who wouldn't ask for any effort from another that he would not ask of himself. His place in Iowa State history is assured."

    Jackson says a search for Voelker's replacement is underway.

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    Oklahoma and ISU both with assistant openings. Pretty good options in June.
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    Also Michigan has an opening. But I don't think that any of those 3 get him any closer to be a Head Coach

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    My own personal opinion, BTW, is that North Dakota State should hire Pritzlaff.

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    Default Re: Pritzlaff to ISU?

    But why should Pritzlaff want to work at NDSU? He already said he turned down the American job because the athletic department was so small that he couldn't bring in a staff he wanted. I know he's out of a job now, but I'm not sure it would be in NDSU's best interest to hire a guy who is likely to leave when the first big-time suitor comes knocking.

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    There are high profile assistant jobs that I'm sure are far more enticing to Donnie than the head job at NDSU.
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    Pritzlaff needs to find a school that he can come in clean house and start over from scratch to build his type of environment. The whole coach in waiting thing is a horrible plan just ask Sammy H!. With his obvious skill at recruiting and his development of Howe this would be a PERFECT time for one stale head coach to be moved out. The first position that I think he would be perfect in is at Michigan State. That program has strong tradition and with the recent success of some alumni in MMA I think the interest in the school could blow up with the right guy in charge. Sparty needs to take notice because I believe the cellar dwellers could flip the switch in a hurry with someone like Donny P. and maybe he could pull Frayer along with him. Mix that with a few guys heading to the OTC switching over to follow him and they are a legit group in a hurry.

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    This might actually make some sense. If KJ stays on the hot seat for another year he might be gone. Then Donny can move right into the ISU Head Coaching position.

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    Default Re: Pritzlaff to ISU?

    Is KJ really on the hot seat?
    I would hope not. Despite the lumps they took last season, he still had a National Champ.

    I also don't think it is a good path to a head coaching position to come into a program thinking that the coach is going to get the boot and becasue you are close to him, you are next in line to take over.

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