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Thread: Zapp's Dueling 2011/2012 Summer All American Picks All Weights Posted

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    Default Zapp's Dueling 2011/2012 Summer All American Picks All Weights Posted


    1. Matt McDonough, Iowa
    2. Jon Morrison, Oklahoma State
    3. Zach Sanders, Minnesota
    4. Jarrod Patterson, Oklahoma
    5. Alan Waters, Missori
    6. Nikko Triggas, Ohio State
    7. Ryan Mango, Stanford
    8. Levi Wolfensperger, Northern Iowa

    R12: Jarrod Garnett, Virginia Tech; Jason Lara, Oregon State; Sean Boyle, Michigan; Garrett Frey, Princeton

    Matt McDonough is an obvious choice, provided he's here. There were no obvious challengers when I looked over the guys, but he's easily the most complete wrestler in the weight, and he's easily the biggest dominator.

    I liked what I saw from Morrison, and think his ceiling is just below McDonoughs. Provided he stays healthy, I think he's McDonough's primary challenger, and the only guy who has a real shot at beating him.

    Zach Sanders is someone that I, like many others, predicted multiple titles from once Nickerson and Escobedo graduated. Who could have seen McDonough (and Long) being that good that fast? His skill set is the same as it's ever been, which makes him more impressive in a lot of ways that he keeps beating guys with it, since we know now it's not truly "elite."

    I'm hoping for more offensive development from Patterson than we saw last year, but obviously he's just good and tough. Strong from neutral (though not terribly dynamic), and a bear on top, he's a tough guy to beat, and I don't think many guys will.

    Alan Waters came out of nowhere to non-Mizzou fans, but I was very impressed very fast. I had him making a mid AA in my NCAA predictions, but he lost first round. Easy to understand, honestly, true frosh at his first NCAAs. I put him below Patterson because I think they're very similar, Patterson is just better. That said, I think Waters ceiling is higher, and I could conceive him all the way up to 2nd.

    Triggas is an interesting case. Returning AA, but with the kind of results that were not common from the rest of his career. I think the confidence from making it on the podium, and his International Style success, will lead him onto the podium again...provided he's at 125. Lots of rumors of him at 133, but I think Stieber's International weight signals it will be him up at 133.

    Ryan Mango is solid, but not spectacular. From my viewing, his greatest strength is his physical strength. I think the guys I have over him can either match his strength, or their skill will develop (thanks to experience) enough to overcome him.

    Levi is my flier pick and a bit of Iowa homerism and belief in the ability of Doug Schwab (just wait until I predict Ryan Loder's NCAA championship! Kidding...or am I?) Very talented, and seems like a kid who will jst get better and better once he starts hitting D1 competition, kind of like Loder and Bonin last year, only Levi is at an easier weight class. I say he sneaks in here over Garnett because I hate Garnett for screwing me last year in fantasy with his flakiness.
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