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Thread: Bubba J on Cael

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    "was it wrong for Bubba to mess up his grades? maybe"

    Your morality is in the toilet, if that high - if you don't see how doing this is wrong.

    No one with an ounce of pride would want an athete who was so stupid as to do something like this.

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    Relax bwh....I do not obviously care for the PSU Head Coach, but this was more for my comedy than anything else. Some people take the bait......Im just buddies with Bubba because he likes the Hennessey.

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    I've been told to relax twice about something I couldn't care less about, you were the one going off on Cael, joke or not. Say whatever you want, I was just mentioning how much of a divergence the thread had become. I, too, respect Bubba's impressive ability to down Hennessy and go on long wrestling rants with fascinating terminology (ie "Real real real").

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