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Thread: Pritzlaff resigns???

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    Default Pritzlaff resigns???

    Coach Pritzlaff resigns as associate head coach of UW. Anyone have any information as to why. If I was running the University of Michigan, hire him as an assistant coach and make him head coach next year. Wonder what this will mean for a recruit like McCauley.

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    Default Re: Pritzlaff resigns???

    Pritzlaff resigns as associate head coach - - The Official Web Site of The Wisconsin Badgers Athletics

    This is quite a surprise, unless he feels like he is about to get a head coaching job somewhere else very soon.

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    Default Re: Pritzlaff resigns???

    SOmeone on themat is saying he's headed to Michigan.
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    Extremely weird development to me... Wisconsin has been really successful with that staff and just landed a killer recruiting class, and to do it before Howe finishes college makes it doubly bizarre.

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    I'll hazard a guess that he interviewed with Michigan, McFarland has not made an offer as yet and Barry Davis asked him to make a decision now.
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    Seems strange that he would try to get the same job at a different institution. Perhaps a pay increase?

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    Perhaps he sees himself moving into the head coach position sooner there than at UW?

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    Pretty clear from an interview he gave on a wisconsin site that he saw himself as a head coach. I think he pressed the issue with Wisconsin and the AD sided with Davis.

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