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Thread: 2011/2012 Summer All American Predictions: All Weights Posted

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    Default 2011/2012 Summer All American Predictions: All Weights Posted

    With World Team Trials in the rear view mirror that means that its time for me to begin tackling the onerous task of taking the first look at what things may wind up looking like next year.

    As always will do my best to account for possible weight changes and for regular redshirts or in this year's case Olympic redshirts.

    Will try and get 125 out by Wednesday. Until then as always feel free to post your own, angle for someone who you think should be in mine, or call me an idiot who's picks are bound to be ridiculously biased and hopelessly incorrect.
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    "If Cornell finishes ahead of Iowa with five all americans I'll jump into the Des Moines River after finals." -Herkey#1 8/16/12

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    Default Re: 2011/2012 Summer All American Predictions: Coming Soon

    This is what I have been waiting for. Looking forward to it.

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    Default Re: 2011/2012 Summer All American Predictions: Coming Soon

    You're an idiot who's picks are bound to be ridiculously biased and hopelessly incorrect!!!!!

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    Default Re: 2011/2012 Summer All American Predictions: Coming Soon

    Be still my beating heart.
    To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

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    Default Re: 2011/2012 Summer All American Predictions: Coming Soon

    Don't bump Mcd up to 33 just so you can put him behind people, haha.

    I think he'll be at 25 again.
    To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

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    Default Re: 2011/2012 Summer All American Predictions: Coming Soon

    I'm actually not planning to. I did it last year because while I was high on Ramos I didn't think he'd be as good at 133 as he wound up being.

    Had they bumped I had Ramos down as finishing 8th at 125 and McDonough finishing 3rd at 133.
    RIP Jacob Schlottke - 1984-2011

    "If Cornell finishes ahead of Iowa with five all americans I'll jump into the Des Moines River after finals." -Herkey#1 8/16/12

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    Default Re: 2011/2012 Summer All American Predictions: Coming Soon

    Looking forward to it, boss. Just make sure that you have Sanders and the rest of the Gophers up where they belong!
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    Default Re: 2011/2012 Summer All American Predictions: Coming Soon

    Got this together a little quicker than I thought I would...

    1. Matt McDonough (Iowa)
    2. Zach Sanders (Minnesota)
    3. Ryan Mango (Stanford)
    4. Alan Waters (Missouri)
    5. Jarrod Patterson (Oklahoma)
    6. Nic Bedelyon (Kent State)
    7. Jon Morrison (Oklahoma State)
    8. Jarrod Garnett (Virginia Tech)
    R12. Levi Wolfensberger (Northern Iowa), Nikko Triggas (Ohio State), Mark Rappo (Penn), Sean Boyle (Michigan)

    While its still up in the air (possibly) about whether or not he stays down here, if he does then McDonough will be an obvious heavy favorite for the title here at this weight class along with being one of the favorites for the Hodge Trophy should he have his first undefeated season. Put up another stellar season last year after winning the title as a freshman. Started off a little slow in terms of putting up bonus points but really started to get into a groove during the middle part of the year. Did an impressive job progressing against Brandon Precin after dropping the first match and being dominated in the second match before he caught him with the headlock. He showed last year that he could be kept down on the mat by a capable rider (Robles and Precin) but with the way that this weight class is currently composed I don't see anyone with the ability to do that.

    I've spent the last few years referring to Zach Sanders by the Denny Green gem "he is who we think he is." I expect him to continue to do the same things that have served him well through out the course of his career during this coming season. Push the pace on the feet, try and beat guys up in the hand fighting which is always fun to see given that he's almost always going to be the smaller wrestler in a match. He's got a wide variety of offense making use of leg attacks, shrugs and duck unders, an inside trip, and then assorted counter offense. He's not really someone who is thought of as being really good on top, but he's effective there both as a rider and as a turner. Where he can get caught up though is on bottom, taller guys have always been able to ride him. Given his credentials over the course of his career he's clearly established here as the second best guy at the weight, and someone who will assume the mantle of title favorite should McDonough go 133.

    I spent pretty much all of last season not buying into Ryan Mango, but all he did was keep winning eventually finishing 6th in the country thereby forcing me to eat my words and stick him up high here as we look towards next season. He's not the most exciting guy in the world but he's strong, athletic and tough to score on and that combination served him well last year as a sophomore. Got beat up on by McDonough at both Midlands and NCAA's but kept things close against pretty much everyone else. Has done an impressive job adjusting to folkstyle given his heavy Greco background. That's not a transition that you see a lot of guys able to pull off.

    Waters was one of the true out of nowhere guys in the country last year starting the year off very unheralded for Missouri before running off over 20 straight wins to start the year off before dropping his first match of the year at Midlands to Mr. Ryan Mango. Wrestled a lot of 2-1, 3-1, 3-2 type matches last year but he was able to use his strong top game and his ability to wrestle from one knee from neutral to win a majority of them. Came into NCAA's as a popular sleeper candidate with the #7 seed but wound up going out early dropping his first match to Anthony Zanetta which then placed him into a brutal consolation quarter where he'd be eliminated by James Nicholson. 125 in the Big 12 this year is absolutely brutal so he should definitely be battle tested when the post season comes around this year.

    Something that really interested me about Jarrod Patterson's season last year was how things had changed for him over the course of a year after the Big 12 tournament. Two years ago Andrew Long had romped to the Big 12 final where he was a heavy favorite but he wound up getting knocked off by Patterson. Last year while he didn't necessarily romp there Patterson came into the Big 12 final as a pretty heavy favorite but he then wound up getting knocked off by David Klingsheim. Don't really know where I'm going with this anecdote other than again the fact that I just found it interesting. Patterson had a great start to the year last year only losing two matches before Midlands both to eventual champion Anthony Robles. Out of the big three guys at 125 in the Big 12 last year he was the most consistent of the group and was the only one to make the podium. Coming into this year though I think Waters has more upside.

    Nic Bedelyon came in last season after missing a year due to injury and reminded people that "hey, I'm really good" when he tech falled Jarrod Garnett in an early season dual meet. Just a really consistent year last year, beat everyone that he was supposed to beat and didn't really have any bad losses unless you want to count a match that he dropped to Waters during Waters' early season winning streak. Looked well on his way to becoming an All American for the second time after making the quarter finals at NCAA's but after losing to Precin he got dumped into a Round of 12 match with a red shot James Nicholson who had knocked off Waters and Jarrod Garnett in his previous two matches.

    Morrison had a really stellar year last year before injuries wound up catching up to him at the end of the year as he lost all five of his matches at the Big 12 and NCAA tournaments and just looked awful in the process. Kicked the year off by dominating his way through the Kauffman Brand tournament which he finished off with a major over eventual All American Ben Kjar. He also had wins during the year over Sanders, Waters, and Patterson. Out of the Big 12 group he's the most dynamic guy of the three, he's the only one who can really count on going after and getting his own offense. Then like Waters and Patterson he's tough on top.

    For those of you who may have been wondering whether or not I'm willing to die on the Jarrod Garnett All American hill, here's your answer. Had another solid year last year during the regular season, he was arguably better last year than he was two years ago when he made the Round of 12. Like Bedelyon he didn't really do anything wrong during the post season, he came in as the #12. Got bumped into the consolations by Zach Sanders in what was a rematch of an upset that Garnett pulled in the first round at NCAA's two years ago. On the backside (in what is becoming a familiar refrain) he ran into the scourge that was James Nicholson and was eliminated.
    RIP Jacob Schlottke - 1984-2011

    "If Cornell finishes ahead of Iowa with five all americans I'll jump into the Des Moines River after finals." -Herkey#1 8/16/12

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    Default Re: 2011/2012 Summer All American Predictions: 125 Posted

    Good list. I like the way these are starting out. IMO, Jon Morrison is the guy besides McDonough with the highest ceiling in the group. I said the same thing about Sanders a few years ago though. I think he'll end up in the finals if hes on the opposite side of McD. What do I know though? After Sanders beat Falck I called him a three timer. If 118 was still a weight class he might have been.

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