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Thread: Kent State @ Ohio State Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by thaxton View Post
    what? dude? u want college to be freestyle? I wouldnt even watch. you would also have to change HS. You should be able to escape, and hold down someone at this level. i wouldn't know from experience. but to be an elite wrestler you should excell in all areas of the sport. don't you think?
    that was for payton

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    Not according to the international rules -and if we are to compete internationally we can't go on rewarding people for crab riding a guy for 90 seconds -you want to give riding points ? give them in high school too-that way it's consistent from 6th grade on -but if we are to compete we need to concentrate more on international rules -I am unsure of this but I think the US is the only country which uses catch as catch can rules .

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    i can see your point, but seriously? what is more exciting than march at nationals? you need to be proficient in all to actually pull off a national championship. I mean a gold medal is awesome! but i wasn't up at 4 in the morning to see it.

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    My review. The dual started at 165.

    165: Sponseller maj. Simpson (4-0)
    Simpson wrestled pretty hard in the first period and only gave up 1 TD. I was actually kind of impressed with his resilience for a no name guy. The rest of the match, he pretty much did what he did to not get scored on, but made no attempt whatsoever to score. His difficulty to be moved kept it from being a worse loss. It ended 12-4.

    174: Rella dec. Estep (7-0)
    Rella looked pretty solid here. I think he got a couple TDs and had some flashes of great aggression. I hope he keeps that up the rest of the year. Rella won by 4-5 points.

    184: Pucillo dec. Kilgore (10-0)
    I think Pucillo won 6-1 or 7-1, so he officially did better against Kilgore than Herbert--which means nothing. It was a pretty competitive first period with Kilgore getting in pretty deep on a couple singles, but Pucillo was extremely impressive in fighting them off. I think the first period ended scoreless. In the second period, Pucillo took down and escaped in about 7 seconds. They then circled and hand-faught for a while from neutral. Somewhere in here, the ref called stalling on Kilgore twice, giving him a point. I definitely did not think Kilgore was stalling; Pucillo wasn't really doing much more, anyway. But there was some action; Pucillo worked his vicious front headlock a few times, and I think he ended up getting a TD on a cross-body ankle pick. In the third, Kilgore escaped, and more of the same from Neutral. I think Pucillo got a TD off his front Headlock.

    Overall, Kilgore looked solid, but Pucillo was much more polished and technically superior. Kilgore looked huge for a 184; He could be at 197 next year. Pucillo might have gotten another point for riding time, but I can't remember.

    197: Chine dec. Gardner (10-3)
    Gardner looks very average at 197. He did not look in very good shape. I wouldn't blame it on the cut, either, because he didn't look like a very big 197. He just didn't do much the whole match. Anyway, it was a pretty boring match with Chine winning 3-2 with a TD. Gardner got fairly aggressive for the last 20 seconds, but it was too little too late, and he was not able to get the TD. Interesting note: I did not see John Weakley anywhere--I wonder if he is no longer on the team?

    285: Porter dec. Morrison (10-6)
    Porter looked absolutely HUGE. I wreslted heavy in HS, but he looked like a giant compared to Morrison. However, he wasn't in very good shape. Morrison was definitely the aggressor of this match. He got a TD in the first, and was close to having a couple more, but they were out of bounds. Morrison wreslted this match very tough, and I would say he outwreslted Porter. But Porter got a TD in the last 20 seconds to win by a point. This was the best match of the night.

    125: Bedolyn dec. Triggas (10-9)
    It was very strange to see such small guys out there after seeing the huge Porter and Morrison. Bedolyn just looked like the better wrestler, period. He got a TD in the first, and Triggas escaped pretty quick. Triggas held him in the second for about 10 seconds before getting reversed. Bedolyn got another TD in the 3rd to seal the deal.

    I'm getting sick of typing. Maybe I'll do the rest later.

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