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Thread: Any dietary supplements that are Legal . ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wrestlingmachine View Post
    Just to clarify, so are hgh releasers (supplements that allow your body to make more of your OWN GH) are banned or not ?
    No they are not. There are supplements that contain the pre-cursors the body needs to create substances that your body slows down or stops altogether producing, (like HGH or Glutathione). Sometimes the body does better when you give the pre-cursors.

    Most releasers are high in L-arginine, which I have researched a lot over the years due to it's anti-oncological properties. They give you a slight boost in HGH. The younger you are the higher the boost however as you get older the effect is less pronounced. L-arginine also creates ACT (AdrenoCorticTropic Hormone) which is important in steroidgenesis, (There are many types of steroids outside of the better known Anabolics which increase muscle & bones mass; others increase sex hormone production, immune system & mineral utilization). Because of the ACTH increase the body can feel an energy increase due tot he electrolytes being better metabolized.

    On the flip side, one of the reasons that some scientists try to talk about the "dangers" of HGH is the fact that since it promotes growth it could actually push the cells towards or past the Hayflick limit (Based on Dr Hayflick's research done in the early 60s that the cells can only divide 40 to 60 times in one life time & after that the telomere strains are too short to reproduce & hence create malignant cells; telomeres are important in preventing chromosome degeneration which occurs through mitosis). So that is one theory as to why the body at about age 35 stops making Co-enzyme Q-10, Glutathione & HGH.

    Because of that there is also a lot of talk about HGH in terms of Life-extension science & not just for physical health & athletic competition. In that subject there are several arguments made for anti-oxidants & there have been studies that have shown some super anti-oxidants have multiplied the life span of laboratory animals, (for what it's worth).

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    Default Re: Any dietary supplements that are Legal . ?

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    Coke & Pepsi.

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