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Thread: Morningstar v. Reader

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    Default Morningstar v. Reader

    Looks like the whole season could come down to morningstar v. reader.

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    Default Re: Morningstar v. Reader

    Or Clark-falck, Fanthorpe-Dennis

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    Default Re: Morningstar v. Reader

    Its going to be a great season. Lots of great match-ups and no one looks unbeatable except for Metcalf and Herbert.
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    I have to be very honest, from watching the match live last night Reader got screwed at the end of the first OT. He had full control of both legs and anyone who disputes that fact can watch the replay and see it!

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    I saw it, and frankly, I wasn't too upset with the call. Judgement call by the ref and I was cheering for Reader, too. Lot's of folks are bitching(can I say that word JensenS?) about the Herbst match too, but I thought he was trying to improve his position at the end and not just holding on.

    Ya, I thought that Herbert was fantastic, but I am looking forward to the PUcillo match before I say that he's unbeatable......I hope he is........he's only lost 4 matches in his official career........that is amazing!! IF he wins it this year, he has to go down as one of the best 2 timers ever.
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    You can say bitching if you want, hell I don't care...

    I said it in the thread last night but that was a real tough way for Jon Reader to lose that match.

    I thought the TD call was kind of iffy myself, but Reader still had time to work to improve his position.

    With Mike Allen calling the TD and then having his mat judge wave it off (I still don't get this, Allen was right on top of the action and it wasn't like it was a scramble situation) Reader loses his good position.

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    i really thought that it was poor officiating as far as using the two officials. the second official should be asked if there is an angle he didn't see, not for a call that was clearly seen.

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    Default Re: Morningstar v. Reader

    We used to always use 3 officials for that very reason -if an iffy call the side juidges could overrule . I didn't see it as my neighbor was really bored and I left after 49 -but everyone who I've spoken with thinks Reader got hosed .

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    The Art of living is more like wrestling than dancing.

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