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    Yeah I remember that 157, CP drug ass for two periods, and then just all of a sudden in the third realized he could take Chandler down with his little throw by single whenever he wanted, then went and got it done.

    Going in I figured Max would have gotten you guys bonuses, but Eidenschink scrapped hard all weekend, and didn't give bonuses to Max or to Backes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tigerfan View Post
    Let's not forget that if CP hadn't performed that miracle comeback against Chandler, the switch would not have happened. Chandler's loss was the deal breaker that put us in a dire situation. I really liked our odds, nonetheless, and my hats off to Minny, whose 174, 184, 197 avoided giving up bonus points. Great performance by Minny, great strategy by Mizzou, but Askrens/Pell would be the first to tell you that they failed to get it done when it counted.

    Let's hope for better weather this year (not likely), I missed work on Monday- the roads were terrible Sunday night.
    You expected bonus points from Baskren?

    (warning, gratuitous Minnesota plug following)

    Either way with a pair of redshirt freshmen fighting for the starting spot at heavy for Minnesota, nothing is ever a guarantee next year in dual meets. Konrad was such a luxury for the Gophers to have that we might need to make sure we have a pretty good lead going into the 197 and heavyweight matches this year. With the line-up Minnesota is sporting however, they should be able to build some leads going into those last matches. The upper weights will improve as the year goes on and I think be pretty serviceable by Big Tens.
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