"Check it out!

Hugh Suenaga, organizer of the USA Olympic Champions camp here in Pocatello and USA Wrestling Solidarity Coach for the USOEC program, forwarded me an e-mail today announcing the university's decision to sanction wrestling as a club program. He said that 70 students have signed up for the club and they already have a schedule published (see the link above). They need some assistance (competition singlets, warm-ups, etc.), so please feel free to contact me at if you are able to help in any way and I will forward that info to Hugh.

This is a great first step to getting the program fully reinstated! Hugh has had a very positive impact here in Pocatello and states that he has the Mayor's support in getting the proud Bengal program back up and running as a fully sanctioned varsity sport at Idaho State. Great News!!!"

Come on folks, what can we do to help?