2006 Recruiting Rewind - D1 College Wrestling

Earl did this last year for the class of 2005 and it was really cool to look at then, this one is no different.

Top 10 Recruits
1. David Craig (Lehigh)
2. Henry Cejudo (OTC)
3. Mike Grey (Cornell)
4. Lance Palmer (Ohio State)
5. Jordan Frishkorn (Oklahoma State)
6. Billy Murphy (Iowa)
7. Mack Lewnes (Cornell)
8. Dave Rella (Penn State)
9. Ben Ashmore (Oklahoma State)
10. Jon Reader (Iowa State)

Top 10 Performers
1. Jordan Burroughs (Nebraska...#94 recruit)
2. Lance Palmer (Ohio State)
3. Mack Lewnes (Cornell)
4t. Jon Reader (Iowa State)
4t. Anthony Robles (Arizona State...NR)
6. JP O'Connor (Harvard...#16 recruit)
7. Jimmy Kennedy (Illinois...#30 recruit)
8. Bubba Jenkins (Penn State...#46 recruit)
9t. Darrion Caldwell (NC State...#34 recruit)
9t. Brandon Precin (Northwestern...#43 recruit)

Will be really interested when he does this for the class of 07 next year given the struggles that the top two guys in that class wound up having in college.