*- A few other notes

Ryan Morningstar Sophomore Iowa- Morningstar is talent wise one of the best 157 pounders in the nation. Right now, from observation the only thing I see that he lacks is the mental edge. Brands will help to give him that, but the only way I can see him knowing and truly believing that analysis is to make All American. Until that happens, I don't see him really turning it on. Reminds me a little of Ty Eustice in that aspect.

Matt Fields Senior Iowa- Fields came out of high school with huge hopes and even bigger expectations. Thus far is career has turned out to be less stellar than he and the Hawk fans would have hoped. This is his last year, so might as well go out with a bang. With graduation of Konrad, Anspach, Watterson and Zarrinpour there isn't any reason why he shouldn't.

*Alex Tsirtsis Senior Iowa - Tsirtsis is already an All American, I know. But last season didn't end so well for him and he got into a state of depression. I hope he's cured(booze thrown out the window) and ready to come back. He's one of the best 141 pounders, and he might as well stand as one at the end of the season.

Mark McKnight Senior Penn State- The guy has been 1 win shy of All American twice in his career and he has wins over the likes of Troy Nickerson and Matt Valenti. Might as well end career as an AA.

Marc Bennett Senior Indiana- Some say the only move he has is his headlock. Well, that's the only move Ryan Flaherty had, and it got him an AA medal. I think Bennett is a fun wrestler to watch, reminds me of JP Reese, in the way he's always trying to pin his opponent.

Nick Hayes Senior Northwestern- Hayes is from Iowa, and being from Iowa myself, I always like to see Iowa guys do well.

Troy Tirapelle Junior Illinois- Although he did have a great run at the Big 10's 2 years ago as a freshman, for the most part the name Troy Tirapelle is mentioned seldomly. His brothers are looked upon as great Illini Alumni(hey that rhymes) but he has yet to really define himself as the "3rd Tirapelle". I think going down in weight this year, he will.

Manuel Rivera Senior Minnesota- If Rivera would have won the national championship last year it would have surprised some, but if he would have finished 2nd or 3rd, it wouldn't have surprised anyone. He is without a doubt one of the toughest 141 pounders out there. If I had money, I'd put it on Rivera have a much different ending to his season this year, than last year.

Gabriel Dretsch Senior Minnesota- I've been on the Gabriel Dretsch bandwagon for 2 years now, and despite not meeting expectations, I'm not going anywhere. I still think Dretsch is one of the best and feel that this year he's going to prove it.

Scott Ervin Senior Appalachian State- Great guy, hard worker. As are more guys. I guess, I'd like to see him make AA to help give more recognition to Appalachian State. Schools in the south need more successful wrestling, and Mark Fee seems like too long ago.

Ken Hashimoto Junior/Senior Northern Colorado- He has one heck of a fan following on the messageboards.

Stephen Ancerverage Junior Cornell- If you're going to defeat Troy Letters and his chances of becoming a 4 time EIWA champ, you might as well make All American.

Luke Smith Senior Central Michigan- When I first watched this guy wrestle his freshman year I knew that he was going to be really good. Unfortunately for reason I don't know, things haven't gone all that well for Smith. I think this will be his year though. Reading his blog he seems pysched and ready to go.

Darren Burns Senior North Carolina Greensboro- He's one of the two reasons Skretkowicz wasn't a 3 time All American, so he might as well make All American himself.

Andrew Flannegan Junior Harvard- He has wins over Monotti, Schlatter and quite a few others, might as well be an AA.

Michael Letts Sophomore Maryland- It'd be nice to See Maryland finally have an All American. The Terripens seem like they're doing a lot to build up the wrestling program and an AA would be awesome.

Pat Castillo Senior Northern Illinois- He's had some great runs at other tournaments, might as well have a great run at the NCAA's.

Kyle Larson Senior Oregon State- I don't know much about the guy, but hope to see him AA so Jim Zalesky get's his first AA as the Beavers head coach.

Javier Maldonado Senior Tennesee Chattanooga- I worked selling stuff for Mike Chapman at the NCAA's, I believe, 2 years ago or maybe 3. A big group of people came up to me all wearing Chattanooga wrestling t-shirts. I asked them if they were Moc fan's and they replied that they were here to watch Javier Maldonado wrestle. There had to be at least 30 of them. I think someone has 30 of his family members and friends to watch him alone, then he might as well be an AA.

Joe Baker Junior Navy- He beat in my mind one of the best 133 pounders in recent years, Evan Sola. Although Sola was injured and not nearly 100%, he still beat him twice and to me that say's a lot. Baker might as well beat some other guys too, and make AA.

Raymond Jordan Junior Missouri- Out of the whole mess of things, I feel that he has been jipped by bad luck. He's beaten everybody, or close to it. Hope this year good luck is with him, rather than bad.

Ok I got more to add to the list, but I got class right now. Just thought I'd strike up something, boards seem boring latley.