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Thread: More trouble on the horizon?

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    Default More trouble on the horizon?

    Title: College Teams, Relying on Deception, Undermine Gender Equity
    From the NY Times:

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    Default Re: More trouble on the horizon?

    so if all the numbers are set right, the Colleges will have to eliminate MORE men's sports.

    Can you say UNINTENDED consequences?

    Good find GF!

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    Default Re: More trouble on the horizon?

    While the story did not address one point. Women wrestling on men's teams are counted -- as men! I think the rowing coach had it right. He's got women on his team, he's counting them as women -- as it should be.

    When Patricia Miranda was on the team at stanford, she was counted as a male athlete for Title IX purposes.

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    Default Re: More trouble on the horizon?

    I think the most common example of this is in women's basketball. The regularly have men on their practice squad. Those men who are practice partners for women's teams, count as men's roster spots! Renee Portland (PSU) typically kept 3-5 men on her "women's basketball team" and those required reduced roster spots on the men's teams in other sports.

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    Default Re: More trouble on the horizon?

    Must consider the source: nyt. I wait for National Inquirer's post.

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    Default Re: More trouble on the horizon?

    Are you drunk or just trolling

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    Default Re: More trouble on the horizon?

    My dad was just telling me, the other day, about some girl who is tearing up high school BASEBALL with the knuckleball she learned from one of the Neikro brothers. He thought it would be cool if she got a scholorship to a college to pitch for a men's team, instead of softball.

    He meant well and didn't think about the other side until about 2 minutes later when I was done with my title 9 rant and the fact that they need to stay on their own side of the gender issue. I am sure I went overboard, but at least it made him and my uncle think about something they had never considered before. There are MANY unnintended consequesces (how do you spell that darn word?) from people who "never played the game" making decisions about those who do.

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