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Your post was dramatic, ...just calling a spade a spade, as you say.

There is a reason why Cael, Tom Brands, Barry Davis, etc are head coaches in this sport. Do any of you actually think that a young Dan Gable would play second fiddle to anyone, wait in the shadows behind....well...anyone, waiting for his chance at being a head coach? Pffffffftttt!!! We're talking about HIGHLY driven individuals hell bent on blowing through their goals like a dump truck through a nitroglycerin plant in the alpha-male sport of all sports. But Cael should be loyal, Cael should sit back and be a nice guy to a man who may never leave ISU. "Just sit down boy, and wait yer turn!"

I don't think so.
His legend assured, Gable returned to Iowa before the terrorist massacre in Munich. Soon, officials at Iowa, where wrestling had long been in Iowa State's shadow, hatched a plan to lure him.
Wrestling was permitted one full-time assistant then and at Iowa State, the legendary Harold Nichols had recently hired one of his former all-Americans, Les Anderson. At Iowa, multimillionaire booster Roy Carver sensed an opening.
He and school officials met clandestinely with Gable. They told him that coach Gary Kurdelmeier didn't want to stay long and that Carver planned to make a sizable financial commitment. Gable bit.
"It all happened under the cover of night," Haddy said. "Before Iowa State knew what hit them, we were calling a press conference to introduce Dan Gable as our new assistant."
The move triggered a seismic shift. Kurdelmeier stayed another four years. Gable took over in 1976 and the program was launched to another level.
As mentioned earlier-Gable waited 5 years for a head coaching position-he did not take his Mentor's job nor anyone else's-he worked out an agreement to leave ISU (where he was an unpaid asst.) to become an asst. coach until the Iowa coach retired-then he turned college wrestling upside down through shear dominance.