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Thread: NCAA tournament performance vs. seed 1999-2011

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    Default NCAA tournament performance vs. seed 1999-2011

    Denny Diehl of the online Lehigh University Wrestling News (actually an email distribution) does some interesting statistical analyses from time to time. One in the most recent missive was surprising.

    Subject was wrestlers' performance vs. seed for the last 13 tournaments measured in win/loss terms by whether the wrestler placed higher or lower than his seed. Top 10 in order by "winning percentage" were:

    Penn State (72.1)
    Lehigh (67.6)
    Ohio State (66.7)
    Edinboro (64.3)
    Indiana (59.3)
    Oklahoma (58.3)
    Cornell (57.8)
    Minnesota (56.8)
    Missouri (55.6)
    Iowa (55.1)

    I would not have predicted those results.
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