Did I say something here that attacked someone or their family recently? A lady, who's name I won't say at this moment has "tracked" me down on facebook and is confronting me about something I said about her and her family and she called me Herkey#1. I have no clue as to what she is talking about. She is friends with wrestlers from OU and all I have said about them lately is that they made a good hire.

You know, I remember making fun of a guy after Big 12's for the way he cheered for Caldwell during his match with Burroughts. He kept yelling "Don't go after him Tyler, Make em come to Ewwwwww!" It was funny so I mentioned it in the context of people calling out Burroughs for stalling when in fact it was Caldwell that was stalling.

To the lady...If this is what you are talking about, this is the proper forum for it. Not my facebook page. If you have a problem with something I've said on this message board, create an account and confront me about it here. I know you are lurking now since I've struck a nerve with you somehow. I'm a grown man and can take your criticism. Please let me know what your beef is or leave me alone. The petty back and forth on facebook is a little jr highish if you ask me.