This question is generated by the discussion of the recruitment of Campolattano. He was quoted as saying he would have been interested in PSU but he couldn't get a guaranteed full ride for his whole college career. That brings a few questions to mind. I know that each NCAA Div 1 school is allowed 9.9 scholarships I believe. I know that they can be divided up between different athletes. Here are my questions:

1. If a wrestler redshirts and is on a full scholarship, does that tie up a scholarship for 5 years? If that's the case then redshirting is a mixed blessing for a school because they are giving up a scholarship to someone who isn't eligible that year.

2. How is the amount of a full scholarship determined? For PSU, for example, being a state school, in-state tuition is different than out-of-state tuition. Let's say instate tuition is $20,000 and out-of-state is $40,000. If they want to divide a scholarship between 2 wrestlers (one instate and one out-of-state) do they spend $10,000 on the instate one and $20,000 on the out-of-state one, and together that counts as a full scholarship? Or do they say that a full scholarship is $40,000 (the price of out-of-state) and they can divide up that $40,000 any way they like? That would make it cheaper to recruit instate wrestlers.

Does anybody know about this?