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Thread: Goals for the season

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    I will make all the home duals for Gophers.
    Big Tens in Minneapolis.
    Nationals in St. Louis. (hope my wife dosn't read this)
    A trip or two down to Ames to watch the Cyclones
    Maybe Fort Dodge for the KAufman Open
    Rochester for "The Clash" to watch the Dons.

    It's going to be a fun year.

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    Thanks for all of the great feedback. May I suggest that if you've never been to a big dual meet in Iowa City you've missed one of the unique experiences in college wrestling. This season's best attended meet is likely to be the Oklahoma State meet on January 6. I'm issuing a personal invitation to all to come enjoy this event.

    Here are some other events to consider attending

    NWCA National Duals Cedar Falls, IA January 12 & 13
    NCAA Division III Championships Cedar Rapids, IA March 7 & 8
    NCAA Division II Championships Cedar Rapids, IA March 14 & 15

    I will be holding receptions for my online wrestling fan friends the Friday night before each of the last 2 events. Details will follow as the events get closer.

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    I am of course going to every Iowa home dual. I am debating on the national duals I will have to see what my schedule is like. I going to try to go to some HS meets here in DSM. I may even make it to the ISU/Iowa dual (I really feel like getting screwed on the ticket prices up at Hilton $20.00 a shot). Pollard is something else raise the prices when you can't fill the place.

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    GG I forgot about the DII And DIII's being in CR. I can go and stay with my Dad who still lives in CR.

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    Wiltz - Pollard obviously does not have the best interests of the sport at heart. I'll pay it, but I'm going to be interested to see if they draw over 10,000 when he's making it harder for the Hawk fans to attend.

    In the big picture it seems counter productive to me.

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    They are luckly if the place has a 1000 people in it on most nights. I think it is counterproductive.

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    I understand Pollard's goal. The Iowa State-Iowa game had its lowest attendance since the series resumed in 77, but we sold more season tickets than ever before. Which means we'll make more money than we have before (remember ISU has the lowest athletics budget in the Big XII).

    On the wrestling side of it, I'm not so sure. Seems to me football has a pretty inelastic demand curve so raising prices = more income; whereas the demand for wrestling would be inelastic so raising prices = less income. Oh yea I'm taking economics!

    ANYWAY, back to the question -
    All ISU home meets plus intrasquad
    National Duals
    Big X at Minny

    shopping, good call on the Clash, I'll also hit the Don Bosco intrasquad at Thanksgiving
    You do the math..... I'll do the alfredo!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

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    Well for those of you who are considering the NWCA All-Star Classic, here is the website. The tickets can be purchased online.
    Champions are made while no one is watching.

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    fanforlife - thanks for the link. It only took a couple of minutes to order the tickets.

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