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Thread: Best Never to win NCAA's 2000-2011 (Full List Posted)

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    Default Best Never to win NCAA's 2000-2011 (Full List Posted)

    First ten guys off the list here.

    16. Jody Strittmatter (DNW/DNW/3/2) 63-7, 10-2 NCAA's

    Strittmatter is a guy who I worry that I may possibly have ranked a little bit too low just as a result of him being one of the few people on this list that I never got to see wrestle. Came into Iowa as a junior out of Pitt-Johnstown and really performed well over his last two years.

    Was the #1 seed going into NCAA's as a junior but lost to eventual champion Steve Garland in the quarters before wrestling back for 3rd. As a senior he lost to one of the all time great lightweights Stephen Abas 13-10 in the finals.

    17. Ryan Churella (DNP/3/4/2) 110-17, 15-6 NCAA's

    While the furor over the match has kind of died down over time there are some people who still may make the argument that Churella shouldn't be on this list because he should have won his famous NCAA final match against Johny Hendricks. That loss put a damper on what had been a fantastic season as he was undefeated going into that finals match. Won the Big 10 each of his last three years.

    Made the jump from 149 up to 165 after his sophomore year in a move that would be replicated by Eric Tannenbaum two years afterward.

    18. Cory Cooperman (DNP/7/3/3) 99-12, 17-4 NCAA's

    Had Cooperman managed to beat Andy Simmons in the quarterfinals as a junior he'd be at least one spot higher on this list if not more due to the Craig Brester corollary that I'll explore when Brester pops up on the list. Other than that loss to Simmons I don't think he dropped a match over his last two years to guys other than Nate Gallick or Teyon Ware both of whom had established themselves as just better than everyone else at the weight.

    After losing at NCAA's as a junior and senior Cooperman utterly laid waste to his consolation bracket winning all six of his consolation matches over those two years by bonus points.

    19. Kyle Ott (DNP/2/2/DNP) 78-21, 11-4 NCAA's

    Kyle Ott is someone who were it not for his injury issues would likely be higher on this list (or better yet he may not be on this list at all). Was a surprise finalist as a sophomore before getting tech falled in the finals by Jason Powell. As a junior he made it through a tougher side of the bracket than he had the year prior including a win in the semi's against Nick Simmons in overtime before losing to Joe Dubuque.

    As a senior he got knocked out in the first round of the tournament by Mike Sees, wrestled back to the Round of 12 but wound up getting eliminated by Chad Mendes.

    20. Otto Olson (DNP/2/3/5) 162-27, 13-4 NCAA's

    Similar to Strittmatter (and maybe even more so) Olson is a guy I worry that I'm placing too low because of the fact that I never saw him. He's a guy who was in college forever due to persistent struggles with injuries. Lost to Glenn Pritzlaff when he made the final as a sophomore.

    The fact that his placement declined each year is something that I downgraded him with a little here too.

    21. Hudson Taylor (DNP/3/3/4) 165-28, 20-6 NCAA's

    Taylor has the most wins both in his career and at NCAA's of anyone here on the list. Lost to the eventual champion Phil Davis as a sophomore before dominating his way back to 3rd place. Matched his 3rd place finish the next year by taking a little bit more of an indirect road after getting pinned in :40 in the second round.

    Had his most successful run on the top side of the bracket as a senior when he made the semi's, but wound up losing to Craig Brester in a close one in the semi's and then dropping a match in OT to Cam Simaz for 3rd.

    Gets another bump here due to his 80+ career fall number.

    22. JD Bergman (3/DNP/4/2) 129-36, 18-6 NCAA's

    Bergman gets slotted here below Taylor even with his advantage of having made the finals because of his habit of losing his first match at NCAA's over his first three years. He very impressively wrestled all the way back to the consolation finals as a freshman and a junior (was 1-2 as a sophomore getting eliminated by Chris Skretkowicz).

    Was always a very big 197. Moved up to heavyweight as a senior where he was very successful, spending some time during the year ranked #1 in the country. Would drop matches in both the Big 10 and NCAA finals to Dustin Fox who was just too big for him to do anything with.

    23. Phillip Simpson (DNP/3/8/2) 134-19, 16-7 NCAA's

    Simpson gets a boost here for wrestling so well at a non-major program, and even more impressive he put his three All American finishes up at three different weight classes. He wrestled at 141 as a sophomore, 157 as a junior, and then cut down to 149 as a senior where he'd go on to make the finals before losing to Zack Esposito.

    As a senior he put up one of the better NCAA brackets by someone who didn't win as he won all of his matches by bonus points (including a major in the semi's over Dustin Manotti who you'll see in a future edition of this list).

    24. Josh Churella (8/DNP/2/4) 110-21, 14-8 NCAA's

    Get our second Churella in on the list here. Josh was a part of some brutal weight classes over the course of his career. Was a very big 141 his first two years and you may be able to chalk his under performing at NCAA's as a freshman and sophomore up to that issue. Lost on a last second TD in the Round of 12 as a sophomore.

    After moving up lost in OT to Gregor Gillespie in the finals as a junior and was super close to getting the winning takedown in that match before Gillespie scrambled away. As a senior wrestling in the epically tough 08 149 bracket, dropped two close matches to Jordan Burroughs. Avenged a loss to Darrion Caldwell on the bottom side of the bracket.

    25. Jared Rosholt (DNP/4/3/2) 127-24, 15-6 NCAA's

    Debated between several guys here before deciding on Rosholt. Came in as a freshman wrestling as a very small heavyweight, but performed pretty well. Unfortunately for him in the first round at NCAA's that year he drew eventual champion Cole Konrad.

    Was at least a quarterfinalist at NCAA's each of his last three years as he improved his placement each year. Lost a one point match in the semi's to eventual champion Dustin Fox as a sophomore, and then lost a razor tight match in the finals last year to Zabriskie.
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