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Thread: Great interview w MMA fighter praising Robles

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    Default Great interview w MMA fighter praising Robles

    He brings up a lot of great points, and kind of makes everyone who says "its not fair, he's got the upper body of a 157 pounder" look like a moron. If it was so not fair, Robles would have won it every year. He was DNP/4th/7th/1st. Looks like he just worked hard like everyone else
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    Default Re: Great interview w MMA fighter praising Robles

    I totally agree. Having one leg makes him less mobile and gives him less tachnique that he can impliment during a match. Robles wrestled to his strengths and that was his strength. I thought Kjar wrestled him tough and really didnt falle into Robles plan as much as the other did. If I were wrestling or coaching against Robles I would not have gone to the mat while in neutral and if he was on top we saw what Kjar did keeping his wrists free. I gues Kjar had an unfair advantage this year to because he looked to be a bit stronger than everone at 125. Give Robles his credit and as Homer points out if it was such an advantage he would have never lost.

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