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Discuss One up, one down at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Originally Posted by bwh27 I know, but the other freestyle examples are not. We have ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by bwh27 View Post
    I know, but the other freestyle examples are not. We have no way of knowing how other 197's would do against big heavyweights unless they were on the same team. For example, how would Cael do against Tommy Rowlands or Mocco. I'd be surprised if he couldn't take them down at least once.
    True, but the FS weigh-in rules allowed guys wrestling at 211.5 lbs to be MUCH bigger than college 197's.
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    Robles vs Oliver= Robles, chances are Oliver would wrestle Robles the same as everyone does and play to Robles strengths
    Oliver vs Russel= Russel, Kid seems impossible to take down
    Russel vs Dake= Dake, he rides like a man possessed and could probably turn Russel and get riding time
    Dake vs Jenkins= Jenkins, crazy athletic and has good technique
    Jenkins vs Burroughs= Burroughs unstoppable double
    Burroughs vs Reader= Burroughs
    Reader vs Wright= Reader I just think he is better
    Wright vs Kilgore= Kilgore, too strong and solid fundamentals
    Kilgore vs Rey=Rey, weight

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    Quote Originally Posted by bwh27 View Post
    I agree in this particular case. But a very good 197 is capable of beating the NCAA champion heavyweight. Jake Varner over Zabriskie is an obvious recent example and I think he's strong enough to give 2011 Rey a match as well. Russia's multi-time world champ at 96kg, Gatsalov, has beaten defending world champion Makhov who makes Rey look puny by comparison. Apparently, Daniel Cormier was capable of going toe-to-toe with our heavyweights when he was the 96kg world team member for several years, and he actually beat Mocco or Rowlands in a tournament.
    I think Cormier beat both. I know Rowlands cut to 96 for a while and Cormier beat the snot out of hin. Varner beat Zabriskie pretty handily at either the Schultz or NYAC.

    They do 96 vs 120 kg challenge matches at international tournaments sometimes, and the 96 kg guys win some of them (Gatsalov being a great example). However, 96 kg (with guys cutting quite a bit) is a lot bigger than 90 kg (197).

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