Mark Schultz? Can he do the job? A great resume' as a wrestler and not bad as a coach. But is he organized enough to do all the extra PR type stuff required?

Greg Randall moving from Boise State to Oklahoma? He has shown he can recruit and develop talent. Would be a good fit, but would he move to Oklahoma?

Mark Branch? Might move but still building the program in Wyoming. An OSU wrestler, would that keep him from taking the job at Oklahoma?

Sammy Henson? Has the reputation of flaking out after a couple years and has anger management problems. Not head coach material though a good assistant, at least for a short term commitment.

Mark Cody? Would he leave the job he has at American University? At present Oklahoma might be seen as a step down rather than an advancement.

So, who do you think it will be? One, or none of the above?