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    Id like to provide an opportunity for any american university fans to join this thread. Feel free to gloat about your wrestlers, proclaim that you are an ncaa champion and then not return to the board again for months!

    We miss you kobepm!!!
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    On a per capita basis American was probably the NCAA team champs.

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    Ganbayar sanjaa 2012 ncaa champion @ 149 & 157, hodge trophy winner & ncaa tournament ow!

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    As much as I hate that American is associated only with that really dumb post earlier this year, I couldn't pass up an opportunity to talk about a good performance this weekend. Mariacher made the round of 12 and should AA next year. Sanjaa took advantage of Caldwell's injury to get a relatively easy path to 4th. He should AA again next year. A championship would've been nice, but Fittery went out in a good way with a major over DSJ. Graham and Mitchell got sent home early but they're only going to get better the next two years and should qualify again next year. I know that almost doesn't cut it, but Flores showed that he has the potential to be a champion next year if he can get a little bigger/stronger to get up from bottom. All in all, American will never be a team with ten NCAA qualifiers but should have a presence every year in the tournament.

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    Mark Cody is a great coach and yes, they do have great wrestlers.

    Have you seen their shoe box wrestling room? I hope this good finish gets them some better facilities..
    To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

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    I hope they can keep Cody in DC... I'm sure some other programs will be calling! He represents all that is good in wrestling!

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