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Discuss Your 2011/2012 Team's Line-Up at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Originally Posted by thoguh Iowa State Cyclones: 125: Ryak Finch 133: Ben Cash 141: ????? ...
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    Default Re: Your 2011/2012 Team's Line-Up

    Quote Originally Posted by thoguh View Post
    Iowa State Cyclones:

    125: Ryak Finch
    133: Ben Cash
    141: ????? (Max Mayfield if he can make the cut)
    149: Trent Weathman
    157: Mike Moreno
    165: Andrew Sorenson/Chris Spangler
    174: Andrew Sorenson/Chris Spangler
    184: Kyven Gadson/Jerome Ward
    197: Kyven Gadson/Jerome Ward
    HWT: Kyle Simonson

    Jackson has said Moreno is going to 157, so I assume Weatherman will go to 149, if he doesn't then I see Joey Cozart at 149 and still a question mark at 141.
    What about Goettl at 141? I guess I didn't see him at the intersquad meet or anything so I'm not sure how he's looking. I just know what I've read and heard about him he works his tail off, listens to the coaches and seems like he could develop into a pretty decent kid and he did quite well in HS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JensenS View Post
    Be interesting to see Peppelman get into the line up after the success that his brother had this year.
    Marshall is the better wrestler of all the brothers. I can't wait to watch him grow next season. He's a bit of a bore to watch in big matches, very conservative. Take down, maybe a tilt, and rides the rest of teh match out. I really look forward to college wrestlers pushing the pace and Marshall realizing that he needs to stay on the throttle and score score score.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goferphan View Post

    125 Sanders
    133 Thorn
    141 Reiter/Dardanes
    149 Ness
    157 Zilverburg
    165 Deitchler
    174 Yohn
    184 Steinhaus
    197 Yohn
    Hwt Nelson
    Very solid line up. Minnie may just be competing for a Championship next season. Iowa, OSU, and PSU will be getting better as well. It's going to be a very fun year coming up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vaisforlovers View Post
    Martelloti flunked out and apparently wont be back. Overheard all the loud mouth psu fan in line andi asked him. I think psu:
    125 megaludis
    133 long
    141 a alton
    149 molinaro
    157 d alton
    165 dt
    174 cowburn?
    184 ruth
    197 wright
    285 wade

    Iowa better get to work. Now!
    I understand that Martelloti is still at PSU and seeking to get his grades up to be eligible next year.

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