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    I am getting into a fantasy draft and I was going over the brackets and trying to make the top 25 overall (Chances of winning it or just overall of who you would pick), kind of like a draft board sort of thing, can anyone try and make a top 25 of their opinion, I want to see how we compare and plus I think it would be fun on who everyone has...

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    In no order of rank, McD, Robles, Precin, Oliver, Hoch, Marion, Russell, Thorn, Alton, Kennedy, Taylor, Fittery, Caldwell, Dake, Jenkins, Molinaro, Mason, St. John, Henrich, Lewnes, Ruth, Burroughs, Carter, Long and Hall.

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    No Order... Robles. McDonough, Precin, Graff, Oliver, Russell, Long Thorn, Kennedy, Taylor, D. Caldwell, Dake, LeValley, Molinaro, Howe, Burroughs, T. Caldwell, Sponseller, Reader, Ruth, Lewnes, Henrich, Brandvold, Simaz, Kilgore

    Top 5 Burroughs, Russell, Taylor, Howe, Robles

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    oops. left out Fittery.... scratch Simaz.... TOP 5 IN ORDER... BURROUGHS, RUSSELL, TAYLOR, HOWE, ROBLES

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