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Discuss 2011 Hodge Trophy: How its earned and who should win at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Originally Posted by JensenS The namesake of this award wasn't known for tech falling people, ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by JensenS View Post
    The namesake of this award wasn't known for tech falling people, he was known for pins.
    That may be true, but it's also like comparing passing stats in football to the era before the invention of the forward pass.

    It's impossible to know how many of today's techs would have been pins in the past, if the dominant wrestler of today was able to wear his opponent down physically and break him mentally while running up a huge score prior to a fall. On the flip side, it's impossible to know how many of Mr. Hodge's pins may have come after running up a point margin of 15 points or more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by accboy View Post
    darrion will get the Hodge this year. Pin % the best, Heart the best, Dominance the best, past crudentials the best.
    Yeah, not so much... It's easy to have a good pin % if you don't wrestle anybody and skip all your tough opponents. Needing a RT point to beat Derek Valenti isn't exactly "dominance" and taking off your headgear for a lung time out isn't exactly "heart."

    I don't think past credentials have much bearing either.
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    Updated going into tonight, again our listed criteria is...

    1. Record
    2. Pins
    3. Dominance
    4. Past Credentials
    5. Quality of Competition
    6. Sportsmanship
    7. Heart

    And based off this criteria Jordan Oliver is currently our Hodge Trophy favorite. Oliver helped him out with falls in his first two matches here at the tournament. He's actually the only guy on the list that's pinned anyone at the tournament.

    1. Oliver: 28-0 (11 pins)
    2. Taylor: 38-0 (8 pins)
    3. Burroughs: 35-0 (6 pins)
    4. Foster: 26-0 (5 pins)
    5. Russell: 37-0 (4 pins)
    6. Reader: 38-0 (3 pins)
    7. Robles: 35-0 (2 pins)
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    IF Robles wins I think he will win the hodge regardless of the criteria of passed recipients. He has scored bonus in all but three or four of his matches this year.

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    McDonough beats Robles. Taylor techs Jenkins and wins OW. Burroughs wins Hodge.

    Didn't mean to ruin it for you all, but count on it!

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    If Burroughs doesn't win the Hodge it would be a shame. He is a complete animal and by far the best wrestler in this tourny.

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    Agreed, Burroughs should get it. Absolute clinic in at the national tourney.

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    I think that Burroughs is a GREAT choice but Robles seemed just about as dominant as Burroughs this season and this tournament.
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    Oliver or Burroughs at this point
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